Spencer VanWichen of Interstate Engineering, provided updates on current and upcoming construction projects within the Fairview community at the city council meeting Wednesday, Sept. 18.

All but one of the updates and changes throughout the meeting were unanimously approved. Western Avenue reconstruction was put on hold due to questions raised by members wanting clarification as to whom would be paying the total of $108,000.

Sewer main issues and repairs generated much of the discussion later in the meeting. Some of the pumps have begun to be overworked due to infiltration, sludge buildup and gaps between pipe joints.

“We were looking into maybe looking at doing a sewer manhole replacement at 6th and Western,” VanWichen said. “But I don’t think we’re going to go through with that right now. Just with the condition the mains are in right now, I don’t think it’d be worth putting that in that sort of pickle.”

Nevertheless, everyone seemed to understand that a town-wide cleaning was in order.

The next city council meeting will be Monday, Oct. 14, at 7 p.m., at Fairview City Hall.

In other news

Employee and elected officials wages were set for the 2019-20 upcoming year: Mary Norgard, $22.95/hour; Daniel Murphy, $26.22/hour; Cal Saedeek, $31.23/hour; Joseph Moore, $24.21/hour; Tyrone Simpson, $23.74/hour. Council is cancelling the 2019 general election of municipal officers scheduled for Nov. 5 due to the number of candidates being equal to or less than the number of positions that need to be filled. Council agreed to purchase Johnson Subdivision Park for $500. A change order for the additional water main installation was approved in the amount of $280,000.

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