Becca Deming

Becca Deming

, an incoming senior at Fairview High School, will be serving two meals per week free-of-charge in Sharbano Park in Fairview over the summer. To keep up on the meal schedule, find the program under “Lettuce Eat” on Facebook.

What it is

Becca Deming, an incoming senior at Fairview High School, has started a summer nutrition program called “Lettuce Eat” in Fairview for her senior project. Meals will be served twice per week in Sharbano Park. The first week will see meals served Tuesday, June 11, at 2:30 p.m., and Thursday, June 13, at either noon or 2:30 p.m. To keep up on the meal schedule, follow the project on the Lettuce Eat page on Facebook.

Four things to know about the program

1 Deming has done all the leg work herself, including collecting sponsorships from Zion Lutheran Church, Neu’s SuperValu, Church of Latter Day Saints in Sidney (who will be the first meal sponsor) and other private citizens. She has presented her project to the Fairview Community Foundation and to the Fairview Chamber to gain more sponsorship as well.

2 Before Deming’s project, there was no summer meal programs in Fairview. Deming said the students who were on the free or reduced meal plans at school were forgotten about once summer came. She began researching what it would take to put a meal program together, an idea inspired by her English teacher Faith Oakland, who has become Deming’s ally and source of moral support through the project.

3 The project fulfills dual roles for Deming, both serving as her senior project (new to Fairview students this year) and her FFA Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project. Proposals were created during their junior year. She hopes the program will continue every year after this inaugural summer. Deming said the senior projects are a positive way for older generations to see young people taking an active role in the community.

4 Everyone who comes for a meal will get served, as long as supplies allow it. Deming and her helpers will prep meals for around 60 people; kids and adults alike are welcome. The meal will offering will change with each sponsor. Meal one will be hot dogs.”It’s a good way to get active in your community and to let people know that there’s always someone there if you need them.” — Becca Deming, Lettuce Eat director

“We think because we’re a small community, we’re a farming community and we have some fairly well-to-do areas, we forget we have a fairly decent size population of lower income.” — Faith Oakland, Fairview English teacher

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