The Montana Department of Labor and Industry wants to remind Montanans who are filing for unemployment that they can file online for free 24/7.

 "We are entering the time of year when most seasonal employment ends and more Montanans are filing for unemployment insurance", says labor commissioner Keith Kelly. "This is a normal occurrence, and it means that the Claims Processing Center's phone lines are extremely busy."

 Because of the busy phone lines, the department is encouraging those Montanans who file for unemployment insurance or reopen an existing claim, to go to to file their claim.  The online service is safe, easy, and convenient and allows Montanans to file their claim any day of the week and any hour of the day.

 The online service not only makes filing for unemployment easier it helps reduce the congestion on the phone lines. "It can be very frustrating for Montana unemployed workers who need to file for unemployment insurance to get a busy signal or wait on hold until a claims representative is available. By reducing the congestion we can process and pay claims more efficiently and help those Montanans most in need," says Unemployment Insurance administrator Roy Mulvaney.

 To learn more about how you can file online log onto

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