Fort Peck Community College (FPCC) is offering four new areas of study for Fall Semester. Two-year degree programs for Biology, Chemistry, Early Childhood Education and Criminal Justice have been added to the curriculum. FPCC offers over 25 areas of study including nine Associate of Applied Science (AA) Degrees, six Associate of Science Degree (AS) Degrees, seven Associate of Applies Science Degree (AAS Degrees), and nine Certificate Programs.

The Associate of Science Degree (AS) in General Science – Chemistry Concentration prepares students interested in becoming professional educators specializing in scientific and technological topics. The Chemistry Concentration is also organized to support individuals pursuing careers in veterinary science, pharmacy, medicine, or chemicals.

The Associate of Science Degree (AS) in General Science – Biology Concentration supports students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a science emphasis. The department strives to provide exceptional educational opportunities through a blend of classroom, laboratory and field activities. Students can also apply this degree to jobs in government, the Office of Environmental Protection, industry, environmental consulting firms, natural resource, Bureau of Land Management and various environmental non-profit agencies.

The Associate of Applies Science Degree (AAS) in Criminal Justice is designed to provide students with knowledge of American law, Tribal law and the legal process in general. The degree prepares the student for employment as a Lay Advocate/Paralegal in the Tribal Court System, a legal assistant or other employment involving entry level legal work.

Graduates of the Associate of Applied Science (AA) in Early Childhood Education will be prepared to meet the unique needs of children from birth through age eight in childcare centers, Head Start programs, and preschools. Students successfully completing the Early Childhood Education AA degree will have acquired the requisite skill for obtaining employment or advancement in the field of early childhood care and education.

Additional two-year Associate Degrees are offered in Business Administration, Chemical Addiction Studies, Education, General Studies, Native American Studies, Social Work, Psychology, Tribal Governance and Administration, Environmental Science, General Studies, Pre-Health, Pre-Nursing, Automotive Technology, Business Technology, Communications Technology, Information/Networking Technology, and Native Language Instruction. One-Year Certificate Programs to train students in Accounting, Business, Cultural Arts, Automotive Tech, Diesel Tech, IT, Media Tech, Truck Driving, and Welding are also available.

FPCC is open to all who want to learn more and create a better future. Graduates have gone on to have successful careers in private industry, Tribal, State, and federal politics, education, healthcare, and many other fields — working in our community and across the world.

In response to COVID-19, FPCC has expanded online course offerings to allow students to learn safely from home when possible. Students can take classes online, on campus, or both through the hybrid model. Daytime and evening classes with flexible schedules offer full-time and part-time students including those who are working other jobs the opportunity to take advantage of this offer. FPCC also offers dual credit for high school students to earn college credits even before they graduate. FPCC also has several safety precautions in place on campus to protect students, staff, and visitors and provide a safe college experience for all. Social distancing and masks are required on campus.

Fort Peck Community College (FPCC) is making several resources available to students enrolled for Fall Semester. Tuition, fee waivers, books, laptops, internet service and food stipends are available to degree-seeking students taking 6+ credits. FPCC will help students install, set up and learn to use new technology to take classes online to take advantage of our online and hybrid learning opportunities.

FPCC faculty provides a high standard of educational and vocational training that prepares students for in-demand careers. Courses are taught by full-time and adjunct faculty members with PhDs, Masters, and Bachelor Degrees as well as vocational instructors with industry certifications. FPCC faculty has received special training to provide remote instruction for their certified online associate degree programs. FPCC’s Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees are designed for students who want to transfer to a four-year degree program. Transfer students who complete their degree meet all math and writing proficiency requirements needed for admission and are not required to take additional general education classes at the 100- or 200-level when they transfer.

FPCC advocates for all students and strives to create a community atmosphere that supports academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. Through student services, FPCC gives students the help they need to balance school life, work life, and home life. FPCC provides free tutoring, financial aid, grant and scholarship assistance, career and college transfer assistance, and more.

Registration is now open and students can register online or in person at our Poplar campus in the FPCC Student Services Building (War Eagle Vision). Appointments for on-site registration are also available by calling 1-406-768-6370. Late registrations will be accepted through September 3rd. More information can be found at fpcc.edu/fall2021 or by calling 1-406-768-6370.

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