Angela Zaur

Angela Zaur is in her second year serving for AmeriCorps at Sidney Health Center.

Why did you decide on Communities in Action Corps?

I decided to serve with Communities in Action Corps because of the opportunities that CIA brings to their members. In my position at SHC, I built multiple positions to aid the hospital and the community. I’ve also worked directly with the community in a variety of ways, which has been a rewarding experience. In CIA, you can work on long-term projects as well as projects that you see the benefit of immediately- this is a rare opportunity in AmeriCorps.

What are your goals for your time in Sidney? What are your top three “bucket list” items for things to do while your in the area?

My goals for my time in Sidney is to continue to integrate behavioral health into SHC and to expand the program further. I also have the intent to solidify the community health worker program that I have created to make this a valuable asset to the community. My three bucket list items are 1. to go to a Cat Griz game 2. to go to Teddy Roosevelt national park 3. to go camping.

What projects will you be working on?

I will be working on integrating behavioral health into the primary care setting. This program is an upstream approach to providing mental health resources. I will also be working on a variety of other projects that relate to this core goal.

Is there an opportunity for the general public to be involved with your projects?

The general public will inevitably be involved in my project when they visit their primary care doctor.

What are your plans for after your service is complete?

I plan to attend graduate school after my service is complete to receive a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology.

What has been your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement in life has been not tripping across the graduation stage when I received my diploma from college. My parents have never been prouder.

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