Elizabeth Sealey

Elizabeth Sealey gives insight on her year ahead serving for AmeriCorps in Sidney.

Why did you decide on Communities in Action Corps?

I want to go to graduate school for a master’s degree in public health. The CIA Corps program was a great opportunity for me to work in public health and gain experience.

What are your goals for your time in Sidney? What are your top three “bucket list” items for things to do while your in the area?

I really want to do things out in nature while I’m here. I love the outdoors—especially hiking and rock climbing. There’s a lot of great climbing in Montana and I would love to do that. There are also a lot of state parks in eastern Montana and North Dakota I want to explore.

What projects will you be working on?

I will be working on health advocacy at the Richland County Health Department. I’ll be focusing on making data from the Richland County Quality of Life Assessment more accessible to the public through our LiveStory website, and updating/establishing RCHD procedures for more effective community outreach.

Is there an opportunity for the general public to be involved with your projects?

Certainly! Establishing better methods for community outreach and health advocacy on will require input from community members. There will be opportunities for community members to give feedback about ways in which the RCHD can communicate more effectively to the community.

What are your plans for after your service is complete?

After completing my service here in Sidney, I plan on going to graduate school for public health.

What has been your greatest achievement?

I think graduating college has been my biggest achievement. And all the research in public health and psychology that I did as an undergraduate was a big achievement too!

Is there something else you want people to know about you?

Just that I am very honored to have been chosen for this position and I am so excited to be in Sidney! I really hope that I can do meaningful work for my country and for the people of Sidney.

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