Girl Scouts

All girls, grades K-12, are invited to take a look at camp offerings from Girls Scouts of Montana and Wyoming (GSMW). For more than 100 years, Girl Scout camp has brought girls unmatched outdoor adventure full of learning (key skills, life lessons), challenge (ropes courses, rapids), and, of course, a whole lot of friendship and fun.

From June through early August, GSMW hosts a variety of camps for all girls at its three resident camp locations: Timbercrest Camp, Red Lodge; Camp Castle Rock, Butte; and Camp Sacajawea, Casper. Camp themes include high adventure, archery, archaeology/geology, horses, ways of the wild west, flying mechanisms, photography, arts, sailing, and more!

Girls do not have to be in Girl Scouts currently to attend.

The Girl Scout camp experience builds leaders in four ways. When girls participate in Girl Scouts’ outdoor programming, they gain:

Outdoor Competence: Girls learn to engage safely and responsibly in a range of outdoor activities.

Outdoor Interest: Girls develop a love of nature and an interest in the natural world.

Outdoor Confidence: Girls gain confidence in their ability to take on new challenges and learn from and succeed in them.

Environmental Stewardship: Girls comes to understand how their behaviors impact the environment and what they can do to protect it.

The importance of these four outcomes is farther reaching than you might think. Outdoor interest and confidence lay the foundation for a life of outdoor engagement, and spending time in the tranquility of nature has well-established implications for a person’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical health and formation of values.

Being outdoors is one of the four pillars of the Girl Scout Experience, along with STEM, life skills, and entrepreneurship. Girl Scouts change the world for the better.

GSMW offers eight weeks of resident camp, from June 7 through August 16, at all three of its resident camps. Girl Scout camp is open to all girls – you don’t have to currently be a Girl Scout to attend. To learn more about camp and Girl Scouts, see

GSMW membership consists of 9,095 girls and more than 2,950 adults with national membership at 2.5 million. Check out Girl Scouts! To join or become a volunteer please visit or call 800-736-5243.

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