Ira Lawrence

Ira Lawrence

We, the family of Ira Lawrence, are overwhelmed with the support of so many in our communities in our desperate time of need.

On Saturday, September 5th Ira woke up early, excited to go to a birthday party with friends. They were enjoying the water on a sunny day, wading and walking in shallow water. When the shallow water unexpectedly turned deep, our lives were changed forever.

The search that followed for the next four days was grueling and heart wrenching, and yet we were completely surrounded by the love and care of so many people that we can’t even name them or even grasp the magnitude of them all.

We especially want to thank Sheriff John Dynneson and Under Sheriff Bob Burnison of Richland County who cared for our family and facilitated the search that brought Ira home.

Sheriff Matt Johansen and Lieutenant Dustin Newman, Karolin Jappe and the McKenzie County Emergency Management team, the ISight Drone team, the MHA Public Safety Division and their dog, and absolutely too many others to count.

Our McKenzie county community followed us across the border and supported us in every way they could, as did Richland and Williams county, and countless other counties.

From the prayers coming from everywhere, the Facebook shares, the meals provided, the volunteers who waded through water, by air, walked the river banks, searched and gave of themselves for days and days for someone that many of them did not even know. Our family cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for the way you helped us carry our burden and searched when we were too overwhelmed to.

Thank you all so much for caring for us in this way. You have shown us how we want to react in the future when we see anyone in need.

Our hearts are full and truly grateful as you have modeled such great care and compassion for our family.

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