After a year’s wait, the Fairview community was able to come together and celebrate the 75th Old Timer’s Festival, which lasted the whole weekend and had something for everyone.

Families were able to enjoy a movie night, bounce houses, a parade and a program at the park, to name just a few of the things that happened.

At the center of the festival, though, was the unity that brought the community together after the wait and brought Fairview alumni together after not seeing each other, in some cases, in years.

Such was the case for Fairview mayor Brian Bieber, who gave a speech after the parade.

In his speech, he talked about what the festival meant to the town, but the main point he drove home was how the Fairview community comes together.

After the Yellowstone River flooded in 2019, during the COVID-19 pandemic and after some storms this summer, the town always came together to help each other out.

Part of that coming together results in the festival, and to hit the 75-year mark is great and shows how the community works together, Bieber said.

The 75th year of the festival was supposed to be celebrated last year but was canceled due to the pandemic. Since it was canceled last year, Bieber said it made this year’s festival even better.

“We’re kind of squeezing two years into one. We had a good turnout, and I was really proud of everyone who came together,” he said.

For Bieber, the festival also allowed him to reunite with former classmates.

“I saw two of my classmates who I haven’t seen since high school, and I’ve been out of high school for a while,” he said with a laugh.

In the spirit of helping others, the town also recognized Alvin Miller, who was this year’s honoree for his years of service and dedication to the community.

Miller’s daughters both told stories about him during the festival’s program after the parade on Saturday, July 17, sharing how helpful and amazing he has been throughout his life.

During the program, a few people sang songs and the Fairview American Legion Post 114 raised a new flag on the Sharbono Memorial Park flag pole, to name a few things.

Yes, there was something for everyone at the 75th Fairview Old Timer’s Festival, but the town coming together after waiting a year made the festival that much more special.

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