Fairview FFA

Fairview FFA students attended a leadership workshop at the Montana FFA State Convention presented by National Southern Region Vice President, Artha Jonassaint. Pictured left to right: Gunnar Cayko, Allison Jensen, National Officer Artha Jonassaint, Lauren Kjos and Rory Cozzens.

The Fairview High School FFA chapter ended its school year on a high note by getting to travel to the state FFA convention and bring home some awards.

While the convention itself was different than in years past, the opportunity to go and the experience gained is still invaluable, said Vanessa Pooch, the FFA advisor.

Pooch said the convention was split into three parts, and the in-person convention they attended, which lasted April 7-10, was the final part of the overall experience.

At the in-person event, a science fair and contests were held, to name a few things.

Pooch said it did feel different, but herself and the students enjoyed getting to meet different FFA members from across the state and take in the different activities.

Part of what made the convention this year so great was the fact that last year’s was virtual.

To actually have it in-person was great, but also sort of a unique chance, Pooch said, because the FFA was one of the few (or possibly the only) Career and Technical Educations (CTEs) in the state to have their state event in-person.

Since the Montana convention was in-person, the National FFA Advisor, Dr James Woodard, attended the event, which was a cool thing to see, Pooch said. To her knowledge, Montana’s convention was one of, if not the first, to be in-person since the shut downs last year.

“He oversees 760,000 students in this program, and he attended our state convention. That’s pretty cool,” Pooch said.

At the convention, the Fairview Ag Sales team took ninth place overall. Individually, Lauren Kjos placed 25th, Rory Cozzens placed 32nd, Allison Jensen placed 43rd and Gunnar Cayko placed 61st.

Pooch said the convention wrapped up the year for FFA, but there are still a few more things going on.

The FFA chapter will still be doing some service projects, and the chapter will still hold its year-end banquet.

The date isn’t set yet for the banquet, but at the event, any awards winners will be recognized and the new officers will be named.

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