Families, friends and students all gathered together for Lambert’s graduation on Saturday morning. The gymnasium was filled with the sound of the Lambert High School’s band playing the graduation processional. 

This year’s 2018 graduating class consisted of seven students including; Austin Boyer, Tori Cundiff, Julen Idoate, Colt Peters, Molly Pust, Jeffrey Scholla and Rebecca Torgerson. 

Lambert Superintendent of Schools Sean Beddow greeted the crowd and kick started the ceremony. Lambert Principal Kara Triplett was the emcee for the event. “It’s been a pleasure for me to get to know them because I actually get to teach them; so it’s been a wonderful experience to spend some time together and I’m sure they agree with that,” laughed Triplett. She added, “I’m very honored to be here today.”

Salutatorian Rebecca Torgerson was the first student to give a speech. As she reminisced about their years of high school, graduates were all smiling. “I think my whole class can agree with this. We may have begged for our last year to be over quickly but as it went from 90 days to graduation, to 40 days to graduation to 10, to three, to one; we wish we would have savored it more,” said Torgerson.

She added, “I know that I have had my fair share of tears, and I know I’m not the only one. And part of the emotion behind these tears is fear. We’ve never done this before, we’ve never hopped up and taken on the whole world before. This is kind of a scary chapter in our lives.”

After talking about how much they love their community and their school and how difficult it will be to leave it behind, Torgerson turned to her classmates and said, “I look at my six classmates and I’m sure that they all have the power to do something groundbreaking with their lives.”

Following Torgerson’s speech were Tori Cundiff and Julen Idoate with their funny class response. Cundiff and Idoate had the crowd laughing with all their jokes. The two talked about each of the members of the graduating class, honing in on inside jokes, long running jokes and their memories of the years spent together at school. 

Valedictorian, Molly Pust said, “Today marks the end of an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, memories and tears.” She thanked the staff, her classmates and her family for all of their support throughout her high school career. 

“I’d like to thank you for being stable and reliable contributors to my success,” Pust went on to say to her mom and dad. “You pushed me to do my best in all that I do and I’m more than grateful for you,” she added.

Reflecting on her teachers and the way she spent her high school career, Pust pointed out how much she’s going to miss the community of Lambert. “The people of Lambert have taught me what it means to embrace who you are even if you aren’t perfect,” she said. 

Following her speech, Lambert teacher Mark Pust gave the commencement speech for the class. “He’s done a wonderful job getting to know the students,” Triplett said while introducing Mark to the stage. His speech was based around the Butterfly Effect, a theory that most people are familiar with. 

The Butterfly Effect is a part of the Chaos Theory and states that a small change can make even bigger changes occur. He was encouraging students to go out into the world and flap their wings to make a change.

Tina Rehbein announced the scholarships and awards that each of the graduates recieved. Molly Pust received the Henry Elm Scholarship for $18,022; The Cummings Memorial Scholarship for $2,000; a scholarship from the ROI Foundation in the amount of $500 which can be renewed yearly for three years totaling $2,000; the Premier Scholarship from Montana State University, Billings for $1,000 and the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship Scholarship for $1,000.

Torgerson received the Henry Elm Scholarship as well for $18,022, the Lions Den Scholarship for $500 and The Rocky Mountain College Trustee Scholarship for $15,000. Cundiff was the recipient of the Lambert Volunteer Fireman’s Scholarship for $500; The Ryan Evenson Memorial Scholarship for $200 and the Jack and Isabel Haynes Endowed Scholarship for $2,000, the MSUB Eastern Montana Yellowjackets Scholarship for $500 and the MSUB Excellence scholarship for $1,000.

Scholla was the recipient of the Lion’s Den Post Prom Scholarship for $500 as well as the Home Builders Association of Billings Scholarship for $1,500.


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