ONEOK donated $100,000 to the McKenzie County Flood Relief Fund recently. Presenting the check are, from left, Henry Jangula, Anselmo Hernandez, Tara Carlsen, Tom McCabe (McKenzie County Commission chair), Lauren Oliver, Heather VanGelder, Jeff Chamberlain, Karolin Jappe (McKenzie County emergency manager), Mike Cotter, Teresa Morawski and Chris Fonck.

ONEOK recently contributed $100,000 to the McKenzie County Flood Relief 2019 Fund, a component fund of the North Dakota Community Foundation. The fund was established in the wake of the devastating flooding to hit McKenzie County this spring.

More than 14,400 acres of land were inundated when the Yellowstone River flooded earlier this spring, damaging 29 homes and displacing 110 residents. Over 1,400 of the agricultural acres can’t be planted this year and nine of the

homes were completely destroyed, with another 12 sustaining major damage.

“Most of the impacted areas in the Yellowstone Valley had never before experienced flooding, so most of these homeowners have no insurance to cover their losses,” said McKenzie County Emergency Manager Karolin Jappe. “The donations sent in from individuals and businesses are going to be crucial for these families to get back on their feet.”

Donations to the fund are appreciated and can be made online at Be sure to choose the “McKenzie County Flood Relief 2019 Fund.” NDCF has waived their administrative fees for this disaster response fund so that 100 percent of all gifts will go to those affected.

For more information about the McKenzie County Flood Relief 2019 Fund, go to


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