A long list of potential park projects was reviewed at the Sidney Park and Recreation Board at their regular meeting Tuesday, Aug. 13.

“There’s a bunch of things that need to be done,” said George Biebl, board chair. “I would like to prioritize and try to figure out what’s top priority. I think we need some bids in order to figure that out.”

The list of upgrades include North Park, also known as Water Tower Park; storage and fence at Svarre pool; restoring grass in Anderson and LaLonde parks; irrigation, water line and level surface at Veterans Park; fences at Moose and Nutter; shelter and restrooms at East Park, commonly known as Quilling’s Park; equipment at Peterson; equipment at South Meadow and Fischer; and fence and play area upgrade at Lyndale and Braaten.

With Park Superintendent Stephanie Ridl absent from the meeting, the board agreed to begin conversations about receiving bids when Ridl is back at work next week. The board agreed members should review their “park assignments” and make note of an additional improvements needed. Each of the nine park board members have two parks “assigned” to them.

A successful swim meet

Director of Public Works Jeff Hintz said overall, the state swim meet in Sidney Aug. 3-4 was a success. Hintz didn’t hear of any issues with attendees and camping in Moose Park was well-received. He did note, however, the next time such an event was in Sidney, he wanted to make sure camping spots were navigable in case of a fire. The crowded campers this year could have resulted in a fire hazard if such an event had occurred.

“They’re parking their back right up against the building… No fireman could get a truck anywhere close to them,” Hintz said. “That was one thing that I caught.”

Board members Jeff Mead and Hintz commended swim meet and city workers for doing a great job of cleaning up afterward.

“Street cleaners mentioned they didn’t even remember seeing a piece of paper anywhere,” Mead said.

In other news:

Volunteers Beautifying Sidney will have their final meet-up for the summer Wednesday, Aug. 28. The group will resume again next summer unless contact by groups seeking volunteer opportunities.

Vision boards on display at the Richland County Fair and Rodeo by Active Richland County with photos and ideas of parks around in Sidney. The booth was unmanned, but collected feedback on what people would like to see. Mead suggested including those results in the prioritization of park projects.

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