Monday, Nov. 4 — Friday, Nov. 8 Sidney City Court

Michael Jack Devenberg, 34, obstructing a peace officer, $100 fine.

Andrew Scott Pannell, 30, operating with alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent BAC or greater, $600 fine, six months in jail (six months suspended).

Aimee Marie Neville, 26, assault, $200 fine, six months in jail (six months suspended).

Dillon Ray Lunderby, 22, careless driving, $110 fine. False reports to law enforcement authorities, $510, six months in jail (six months suspended).

David Robert Waldron, 34, operating without liability insurance in effect, $250 fine.

Jordan Francis Anderson, 26, aggravated driving under the influence — second offense, $2,500, one year in jail (11 months, 15 days suspended. Credit for one day).

Marcella Johnson, 41, DUI first offense, $600 fine, 180 days in jail (179 days suspended).

Sean Stephen Latka, 51, fail to carry proof or exhibit insurance, $250 fine.

Richland County Justice Court

Sheldon Leo Swift, 26, violation of a protective order, $500 fine, six months in jail (six months suspended).

Laurelle Lyn Green, operating without liability insurance — second offense, $350 fine.

Roland Trevino, 28, operating without liability insurance, $250 fine.

Shawn Kenneth Lustig, 43, fail to obtain landowner permission for hunting, $135 fine.

George William Hargrove Jr., 40, exceed 34,000 pounds tandem axle weight limit, $300 fine.

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