Rep Rosendale

Rep Matt Rosendale (left) listens as EMM owner Steve Lunderby (right) talks about the business.

The newest meat processing business in eastern Montana, Eastern Montana Meats, was one of the local businesses that was greeted with a visit from Representative Matt Rosendale.

Rosendale, Montana’s U.S. representative, spent the past week in Montana meeting with his constituents to hear what their needs are directly and spend quality time with them.

“When you’re just zipping into a place and spending 15-20 minutes and then you’re trying to go up the road and spend another 15-20 minutes at a spot, you don’t really have the time to listen to all the information they’re trying to share with you, all of the issues they may be faced with, and to really have a quality meeting with people,” Rosendale said.

Early in the trip throughout the state, one of the first places Rosendale spent that quality time was Eastern Montana Meats (EMM) in Sidney.

Owned by Steve Lunderby, the business opened last year and is starting to build on its efficiency and productivity with its product and services.

Construction on EMM’s facilities was still ongoing late last year, but aside from a few spots, the business’ buildings and equipment look good and are being worked every day.

Lunderby led Rosendale on a tour of the facilities, explaining what EMM is currently doing and what he hopes to do with the business.

In an interview with the Sidney Herald in October, Lunderby said he wanted to open EMM so people had a reliable source for meat and knew where it was coming from.

Rosendale said it’s great that EMM is doing well, and it’s a sign that small businesses are surviving and doing well during the pandemic.

“Many of these folks have been forced to, just forced to figure out ways to continue to keep their business running, or they literally would be going into bankruptcy. So it’s good to see that,” he said.

Rosendale, who owns a ranch in Glendive, said it’s great to see a meat processing business open in eastern Montana.

“That is so exciting for me to see because I’ve questioned why in the world we don’t have meat packing processes taking place in eastern Montana,” Rosendale said.

While the purpose of the trip to Montana was to connect with the people he represents on a personal level, it’s also nice for him to come back to the state he loves, Rosendale said.

“I mean I just love it out here. I don’t even mind these frigid temperatures, you dress properly for it, and it’s good to be back home again. I mean I love it over here. We’ve already stopped in a couple places that weren’t even scheduled just to stick my head in and say, ‘Hi how are you doing?’ and see some of the people that are running the businesses. And it’s always a joy to be back home,” he said.

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