Sidney Police Sgt. Alex Roselles entered into a pretrial diversion agreement with the state on Tuesday, Sept. 3, for charges of leaving the scene of an accident and basic rule — reasonable and prudent, both misdemeanors. A pretrial agreement is made between the prosecutor and the defendant’s attorney. In this case, Roselles acted on his own behalf.

The prosecution of Roselles, per the agreement, is deferred until Feb. 22, 2020. During that period of time, Roselles must abide by the following conditions: obey all laws, federal, state, county, city and town; pay a fine of $400 to Richland County Justice Court; complete 20 hours of community service and provide proof by Dec. 31, 2019. Upon compliance with conditions, charges will be dismissed with prejudice. If Roselles fails to comply with conditions, prosecution of charges can be filed.

The agreement states, “In the event that the Deputy County Attorney determines that a violation of the conditions occurred, then she shall so notify the defendant, and the defendant shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard as to the violation, but it shall be within the sole discretion of the Deputy County Attorney as to whether there is a reasonable excuse or explanation for any alleged violation.”

Roselles signed a waiver of speedy trial to enter the pretrial diversion agreement, which also states any statements made by the defendant as a result of this agreement are not admissible in any subsequent proceedings.

Charging documents state on Feb. 11, 2019, Roselles was in an automobile accident that caused more than $1,000 worth of damage to his vehicle and left the scene without permission from law enforcement. The second charge stems from the defendant operating the vehicle in a manner not reasonable or prudent under the conditions at the time.

In a sworn statement, Richland County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Rhema Keller said he came across the accident at 1:07 a.m. on Feb. 11 on Highway 200 north of Sidney at the intersection of County Road 351. Roselles’ red pickup was upside down in the ditch and footprints led away from the vehicle.

Keller was not able to make contact with Roselles in person or via phone until Feb. 17, when Roselles provided Keller with insurance information for the pickup but refused to speak about the crash.

The sworn statement continues, “During my investigation, I discovered that the Defendant spoke with Sergeant Tyler Kammerzell of the Sidney Police Department. Roselles told Kammerzell that Roselles was driving the night of the crash when he started to slide. Roselles was unable to bring the vehicle back under control.”

The defendant also told Kammerzell a passenger was with him at a friends house earlier that night. She told the defendant not to drive due to his consumption of alcohol and was not with him during the time of the accident.

City officials have been unable to comment on specifics in regard to the disciplinary actions taken with Roselles as a city employee. City attorney Thomas Kalil released a statement on the matter on July 11, “The City of Sidney cannot comment on any investigations being conducted by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department regarding Officer Alex Roselles, or any other person. The City of Sidney can affirmatively state that Officer Roselles received an administrative suspension related to this incident, and that he has complied with all internal discipline required. Any further questions related to this incident should be directed to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.”

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