Ag Class

Students in Kelly Alvstad's small engines class pose with the new tool boxes that were donated.

The Sidney High School Ag department got a little bit of an upgrade on Wednesday, September 1.

The department was presented with six new tool boxes, filled with new tools as well.

SHS received the tools as a donation from Sonny Anvik, from Sage Oilfield Services and Consulting, and Billie Mele and Bryan Christensen, from NAPA.

After dropping the tools off, Christensen and Anvik mentioned that they were more than happy to help because it was having good classes when they were in high school that got them to where they are today.

Kelly Alvstad, the high school Ag teacher, said she is thrilled to get the donation from the three.

She said that Anvik asked her how classes were going so far this school year, and she mentioned that the department didn’t have any complete tool sets, making it hard for her and the students.

Thus, Anvik, Mele and Christensen worked together to make this happen to help the department.

Alvstad said the tool sets are going to be a big help for organizing tools in the work room, and they will mainly be used for the small engines class.

In this class students have a semester-long project of showing that they can take apart and put back together a small engine. The students have to prove that they know the parts and the process.

Of course, the final bit of the process is making sure the engine can also start.

Overall, Alvstad said the tool sets will help the department “tremendously.”

“Even this specific set you can stack and get other sets with it, so this will be great,” she said.

This semester, Alvstad has three classes, so the extra tools and organization will be helpful for a large group of students to use.

One highlight Alvstad mentioned in her classes so far this year is that there are more girls in them than in the past, which she said is great to see.

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