From left to right: Abby Schilling, Kinley Wieland, Madison Sparks and Lexi Rang link arms during an early part of the "Rewind" routine.

The Sidney High School dance/drill team is off to a historic start for the 2021-2022 school year.

Not only is this the first year in over half a decade that the Eaglettes have been their own team, but they also performed the first “halftime show” at a volleyball game in SHS history.

At the SHS volleyball game on Saturday, October 30, after the second set, the Eaglettes performed their routine “Rewind,” which was the last time they will have performed at a volleyball game this year.

The team’s head coach, Weslie Zoanni, said the team performed the routine a few times before, but the school has never seen a dance performance at a volleyball game before this year.

“It’s pretty cool, and we’ve had a ton of really great feedback, so I’m really excited that history is being made, and the team is working so hard to accomplish it,” Zoanni said.

She added that the plan to perform at a volleyball game was in the works months ago.

“Once I was hired as head coach I knew immediately that I wanted to do a volleyball routine because it had never been done,” she said.

What makes the routine even more impressive is the fact that the Eaglettes got it done so quickly.

Zoanni said the team had “Rewind” done early in September, and it took only two weeks to complete.

The Eaglettes were also able to get “Power,” their routine for basketball games, done in a couple weeks in September as well.

The pace that the Eaglettes are moving at is fast, and they are getting a lot of things done.

“They do a good job, and it helps a lot that they get together on weekends and get it all done, and then they just bring it in and teach,” Zoanni said.

Another thing that helps the team is the strong dance background the members have.

Nearly every dancer has experience from Cutting Edge Dance Studio, and any dancers that don’t have dance background (or recent dance experience) have stepped in and picked things up right away.

After such a great start to the school year, the Eaglettes aren’t slowing down.

They will have more routines ready for the basketball season, and they have already started planning to do more routines for volleyball and football next year.

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