Sidney Chamber of Commerce

Sidney Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture board met Thursday, Aug. 15, for their regular meeting. Catch some of the highlights of the meeting below.

1. The chamber applied for a grant in the amount of $450,000 from the Eastern Montana Initiative fund, which aims to spend a total of $750,000 on “demonstrating sustained investment in tourism infrastructure and promotion, supporting long-term growth/stability in growth policy, and community development.” Sidney Chamber partnered with the chamber in Glasgow to promote fishing over five eastern counties, featuring places like Fort Peck and paddlefishing on the Yellowstone River. The proposal for grant dollars has been submitted and is under review. It may take up to six weeks to hear back from the state.

2. Sarah Turek spent the summer serving as the communications manager for the chamber and has now gone back to college for the year. Turek proposed staying on with the chamber as a contracted worker to finish ongoing projects. The chamber agreed to the proposal. Caysi Johnson, an AmeriCorps member, will be taking over as marketing/promotion manager for the chamber this fall for her year term with AmeriCorps. The chamber is currently seeking a part-time hire to cover office hours for executive director Bill Vander Weele. The board agreed to discuss a possible full-time hire at budget time.

3. Sidney chamber is still working on a new membership fee structure and what benefits will go with a tiered system. The board collected data from other area chambers and is currently comparing numbers.

4. Vander Weele will be attending the 2019 North Dakota Downtown Conference in Williston on Aug. 28-29. The conference will focus on downtown business health, policies, preserving historical sites and much more.

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