stolen truck

Photos of a similar truck and snow plow to one that was stolen off the parking lot of the Sidney High School just after midnight Nov. 5.

A pickup truck with a snow plow attached to it that was stolen from the Sidney High School parking lot has been found abandoned in Williams County, but who stole it remains a mystery.

According to the Sidney Police Department, the theft occurred just after midnight on Thursday, Nov. 5. The truck was discovered missing the next day.

The stolen truck was a green Ford F150 extended cab, which had a snowplow attached to the front of it.

The Williams County Sheriff’s Department, meanwhile, said someone noticed the abandoned pickup in the area of 56th Street Northwest about a week later, on Friday, Nov. 13.

“The battery was missing and both windows were completely rolled down,” Sgt. Detective Caleb Fry told the Sidney Herald. “No snowplow was attached.”

Fry said this type of crime is not as infrequent as one might hope.

“People just take the vehicle for a joy ride then abandon it somewhere,” he said.

The stolen battery is puzzling, Fry acknowledged, but added it could have been taken by individuals who came along subsequently and found the vehicle abandoned. That makes finding the original perpetrator even more difficult, as the crime scene could have been disturbed by multiple individuals.

The stolen truck is being returned to its original owner, but police are still seeking tips on who might have stolen the truck.

If you have any information that can help solve this mystery, call the Sidney Police Department at 406-433-2210 or the Williams County Sheriffs Department at 701-577-7700.

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