Tourism and Business Improvement District (TBID) reviewed three separate applications requesting funds for local events taking place in 2020. Applicants present their request for funding and those applications are reviewed later in the meeting. 

Gail Staffanson with Sidney High School speech, drama and debate requested $600 for the team's invitation on Jan. 3-4. The invite has been extended to a two-day event, as historically it was a one-day meet. 

"Last year TBID helped us out with our meet and so I'm asking for a little bit more support this year," Staffanson said. 

Upon review, TBID officer Aliza Hunter said the event is doing exactly what they like to see - growing. It was estimated the meet would result in around 100 room nights sold. The requested $600 was approved.

Junior Gold Hockey tournament

An application from Stacie Mindt on behalf of the Junior Gold State Tournament committee was reviewed in the amount of $11,284. The tournament will take place March 5-7 and bring six teams to Sidney. The application predicted 250 room nights to be generated.

The total amount requested would cover the entire budget presented to TBID, which was a concern for the group, who thought some funding should come from elsewhere.

After reviewing their own budget from 2019 and tenitavely predicting what events will come back around, TBID agreed to award $6,000 plus complimentary rooms for the referees. The award amount was determined to cover the cost of bringing refs in for the tournament and the programs.

In other news

  • Shane Gorder presented an application for $3,000 in funds to support the Brodie Gorder Memorial Wrestling Tournament, set for Feb. 28-29. The application is anticipated each year and the money was already budgeted for the event. The amount requested was approved.
  • Gorder also alerted TBID to an upcoming Montana Association of Oil, Gas and Coal Counties (MAOGCC) convention in June and said they would be seeking around $250-$500. TBID tabled the discussion on the event until more details are known. 
  • Tim Fine and Hannah Jepsen presented an application for MonDak Ag Days and Trade Show in the amount of $2,000. TBID tabled the request until they could review how many room nights are historically generated from the event. 
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