The Painted Owl Bakery’s first day in business was Friday, Nov. 29, in Sidney. Owner Melissa Markwordt gives the dish on her new endeavor.

What is the name and location of the bakery?

The Painted Owl Bakery, located at Village Square Mall, 120 East Main Street in Sidney.

Who are the owners?

Melissa, Edmund and Xzenora Markwordt

When is the official open date for your bakery?

We will be open with limited hours until January. To start, hours will be Saturdays and Sundays, 6 a.m. — 8 p.m. Our grand opening event will be Feb. 1, 2020. We want to get a feel for what Sidney needs in a great bakery before we jump into set hours and menu.

What kind of baked goods will you offer?

We will specialize in cakes, but we will offer cupcakes, chocolates, fudges, brownies, cookies and a selection of fresh bread. Will will also be serving drip coffee and select breakfast options.

Have you always been a baker?

Yes. I went to culinary school as an elective in high school years ago in Oklahoma. After the military I decided to go to The Art Institute of California, San Diego for baking and pastry. I soon opened my own home based bakery for military family and friends and it grew from there.

You and your husband both work otherwise. How do you plan to balance the bakery and your professional careers?

First we will only be opened on weekends and select days until we have a grasp on what Sidney needs. Once fully up and running we have staff that will sell the products during the day that I bake and decorate that morning.

What makes you passionate about bringing a specialized bakery to Sidney?

We looked around at what was offered here in Sidney as well as neighboring towns and decided this is the perfect place to bring creativity and adventure to life. Sidney is a wonderful place to live, not so much for fun kid activities. The bakery is just the beginning. We want to add an arcade as well as a party room for events.

What sets you apart from the other bakeries in town?

Creativity and a desire to bring an entire experience to each customer not just pastries. I look at it this way, yes I am selling a product, but I am also selling myself. I had to dig deep to find out just who I am as a person and what makes my skills any different then the next person. I want people to walk into my bakery and feel like they are in the pages of my favorite books. I want to open the creative possibilities to those who come in and inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.

Do you think gourmet cake decorating is lacking in this area?

Yes. We have a few home based bakeries but they are always full up and expensive. I will have the ability to produce at a bigger volume for a lower cost without sacrificing quality for quantity.

How can people reach you?

I do have a facebook page Also via my phone 360-602-5545 and email

Anything else you want people to know about your new business?

We created The Painted Owl as a family owned and operated business. My favorite line ever was from the animated movie Robots “See a need, fill a need!” That has fueled the way I look at life. Simply Scrumptious has just closed and I was having a hard time finding a creative outlet for my art work. My husband suggested opening another bakery. I passed the idea around to friends in town for a few months before deciding this is something we could do and be successful at. Sidney needs a good strong baker and I believe I am just the girl to give it to them. Once I signed a lease the orders started coming in. I met with many independent businesses in town and struck up deals wherever I could find them. To succeed in this business you need to create lasting friendships and always, no matter the cost, shop local. After all, we are all small business owners supporting each other’s dreams.

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