Theresa Wick

Sidney freshman Theresa Wick said it was really exciting to perform at the music festival in Minot, adding that being able to do it with her sister was special.

Lily and Theresa Wick are a talented pair of sisters, both athletically and musically.

On Oct. 31, the sisters from Sidney High School performed at the Northwest International Festival of Music that was held in Minot, ND, and both returned with great experience and things they learned.

Theresa Wick, a freshman who played the bass guitar in the jazz band at the festival, spoke with the Sidney Herald about the festival and what it means to her.

Q: How cool was it to be able to go to an international music festival like that and perform?

A: It was pretty cool. It was mostly people from around the North Dakota area, and there was a few students from Montana, but mostly North Dakota students.

Q: How exciting was it to perform in front of a lot of different people that you don’t know, as well as meet a lot of different people.

A: I guess it was kind of nerve-racking, but I wasn’t that nervous I guess. I’ve been to other music festivals, but it was fun.

Q: How long have you been playing the bass guitar, and what about it makes you like it so much?

A: I guess I’ve always liked the feel of it. I’ve been playing it since last August. I also play euphonium for concert band.

Q: What did you have to do for the audition to be selected for the festival?

A: We had to get the auditions in like two or three weeks before the festival, and then for jazz band it was just a few jazz scales, and then we had to do some improvisation. And since I’m bass player, I had to do some composing over chords.

Q; How does it make you feel knowing that you were chosen out of all the students who auditioned?

A: It made me feel pretty good I guess. It was exciting since this is only my second year playing bass, so yeah it was pretty exciting.

Q: How exciting was it to be able to perform with your sister Lilli at the festival?

A: That was pretty cool. It made it a lot easier for COVID reasons for sure, and since it was just me and my sister it was an easy trip up there. But yeah it was really fun.

Q: How important is music in your life, and how important was this festival to help you grow as a musician?

A: I really wanted to make it to this music festival. I’m hoping that I can get the four-year award by the time I’m a senior, which means I’ve gone four years. But music is pretty important in my life. I’ve been with music since I was in the first or second grade, when I started playing piano. Music’s been pretty important for me, I want to do it, hopefully keep pursuing music once I’m out of college.

Q: What did you learn from the experience, maybe talking with other students or some instructors there?

A: For one of our pieces, it didn’t give me music it just gave me an improvisation line, and I definitely learned a lot from that. The director was amazing too. I learned what it’s like to play with all these people who are just so dedicated to what they do.

Q: Since you’re on the cross country team, was it hard to go to cross country practices and events while you’re also trying to make your audition for the festival?

A: Yeah I actually ended up bringing a bass guitar and my music with me to practice at state cross country, since that was like a five-day trip we had to take. it was kind of difficult in that first week of practice, trying to fit in practicing for the honor festival and then working out for cross country.

Theresa Wick added that it was really fun to watch the concert band and symphonic band perform their pieces at the festival, and it was really cool to get to watch her sister as part of the concert band.

Look for what Lily Wick had to say about the experience in the next edition of the Sidney Herald.

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