Second grade class

Mrs. Pollari's second grade class shared what Thanksgiving means to them. Not all of Mrs. Pollari's students are pictured.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with that, looking back at what makes the holiday so special is fun to do.

More students from West Side Elementary shared what Thanksgiving means to them, and here are there thoughts.

Mrs. Karen Pollari’s second grade class

Isabella Greco- Thanksgiving means giving thanks to one another because some people do not get to celebrate. Some people do not have enough money

Zach Green- Thanksgiving means playing games and going to Grandma’s house to see my cousin. We eat ham, cheese sandwiches, and turkey.

Toby Kleinke- Thanksgiving means having a feast with my family. We get all sorts of things like: corn, mashed potatoes, turkey, and all sorts of things.

Marrett Haralson- Thanksgiving means to give thanks, and have family time. We have a big meal together.

Aubrey Dockweiler- Thanksgiving is a big meal for families. I love Thanksgiving. I spend time with my family. It’s so much fun. We eat big meals until we are so full.

Tyler Dasinger- Thanksgiving means having a big feast and spending time with my brother, my mom, and my dad.

Zoey Winksy- Thanksgiving means being nice. Actually everyone should be nice!

Kamden Johnson- Thanksgiving is the best time of year, because I get to eat all different kinds of foods. I get to see my cousin and play football at my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house too.

Oaklee Lonski- Thanksgiving means that we can shoot turkeys at my house and bring them home to eat. I celebrate with our family, and bake pies with my mom’s cousin Nettey. This year I am going to my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.

Maysen Petersen- Thanksgiving means I get to spend time with my family, especially my mom. That’s one of the only weekdays she has off of work. Thanksgiving also means you eat with your family and friends.

Jaden Reuter- Thanksgiving means you get to go to a store and buy food for the food bank. I get to eat my favorite food, which would be stuffing. I get to do Thanksgiving with my mom, dad, sister, and brother. This is why Thanksgiving is special to me.

Nolan Luinstra- Thanksgiving means so much to me, because Thanksgiving means spending time with my family.

Grant Keller- Thanksgiving means family, love, care, and happiness.

Odin Murphy- Love, Family. Time off from school. Most of the food at Thanksgiving dinner.

Mrs. Nikki Berube’s second grade class

Thanksgiving is…

Praying to God for the food,

Seeing my family and friends,

Watching Thanksgiving movies,

But mostly Thanksgiving is when my Elf on the Shelf comes back.

-By Logan Rogers

Thanksgiving is…

Hanging out with family and friends,

Being thankful for being alive,

Being at home,

But mostly Thanksgiving is eating ham and turkey.

-By Paxton Baisch

Thanksgiving is…

Eating good food like turkey and cranberry jelly,

Jumping in leaves and making a mess,

Playing games with my friends like tag and cornhole,

Helping mom with the turkey and other foods,

But mostly Thanksgiving is about celebrating with friends and family.

-By Graicen Roberts

Thanksgiving is…

Eating turkey at 5:30 p.m.,

Playing Uno with mom and dad,

Inviting your grandma and grandpa,

But mostly Thanksgiving is being thankful for what you have.

-By Zaydee Bland

Thanksgiving is…

Eating delicious turkey,

Seeing friends and family,

Going to my Nana’s house,

But mostly Thanksgiving is giving thanks for everything that everyone has done for me.

-By Ally Dignan

Thanksgiving is…

Eating turkey and mashed potatoes,

Spending time with my family,

Helping mom clean up,

But mostly Thanksgiving is praying to God.

-By Jack Baltrusch

Thanksgiving is…

Spending time with my family,

Having turkey and chocolate pudding,

Praying before a big meal,

But mostly Thanksgiving is celebrating my Grandma’s birthday.

-By Macey Sparks

Thanksgiving is…

Eating turkey and mashed potatoes,

Going to Grandma’s house,

Playing with dogs,

But mostly Thanksgiving is spending time with family.

-By Isabella Klein

Thanksgiving is…

Butchering a turkey,

Playing gobble gobble with my friends,

Helping cook the turkey,

But mostly Thanksgiving is gathering family and spending time with them.

-By Landon Berg

Thanksgiving is…

Going hunting for turkey,

Going to my uncle’s house,

Helping my mom decorate,

But mostly thanksgiving is praying to God.

-By Eli Oakley

Not all of Mrs. Berube’s students were able to give their responses, but it is great to see what these students think of when they think of Thanksgiving.

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