At its August meeting, the Montana Districting and Apportionment Commission set a tentative schedule for the rest of 2021. Important dates and times include:

September 15 at 5 p.m. MDT — Commission “soft” deadline for public to submit proposed Congressional maps

September 17 – Commission meeting to view submitted Congressional maps

October 5 – Commission meeting to select Congressional maps on which to receive public comments

October 19 – Public hearing on selected Congressional maps

October 21 – Commission meeting to select a tentative final Congressional map

October 30 – Public hearing on tentative final Congressional map; commission to vote on final map

November 9 – Reserved for additional hearing if needed after the October 30 meeting

November 14 – 90-day deadline to file plan with the Montana Secretary of State

After completing Congressional redistricting in 90-day time frame determined by the Montana Constitution, the commissioners will continue the redistricting process for Montana’s 100 State House and 50 State Senate districts.

Additional information about the commission, including links to public mapping tools, can be found at the commission’s website Meeting agendas and materials, including instructions on how the public can participate in the meetings and provide comments, will be available at the website prior to each meeting.

Please send comments or questions to the commission’s webform at or email the commission’s staff using the contact information below.

Commission website:

Commission staff: Rachel Weiss ( or Joe Kolman ( or 406-444-3064

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