While there has been some changes in town, new restaurants, stores closing, new stores opening, there’s another new addition to Sidney. A new brewery has opened called 1035 Brewing. 

During the past year, Video Hot Spot has changed quite a bit and now the newest change is a brewery in the back of the business. Owners Dennis and Ruth Moore said that they started brewing at home about six years ago.

“It was always a dream to expand,” Dennis noted. “That’s been there for a long time,” Ruth said of Dennis’ dream to expand his brewing from an at-home thing to a bigger scale. When asked how he learned the process, Dennis replied, “The internet.”

Between the internet, reading and research, Dennis has mastered the craft. After changing Video Hot Spot to just the tanning salon, the Moores have decided to add the brewery to the building as well. 

“We had to get the building up to code,” Dennis said. “There are different rules and regulations for breweries versus regular businesses,” he explained.

While they were going to utilize the whole building for the brewery, if they had they would have had to install sprinkler systems throughout the whole building. That would put the tanning beds at risk and wasn’t something the Moores wanted to take a chance on.

“The building inspector came through and told us what we had to do to get up to code,” the couple explained. “He was so nice and helpful. He walked through and helped us figure things out. We did a lot of the construction on our own,” they added.

Dennis noted they chose to keep the addition quiet until they got closer to the opening day just because there were still things that needed to be figured out. At this point the brewery offers eight different flavors of beer.

The Moores noted that Montana law only allows patrons to have 48 ounces per day in tap rooms. Currently they have Keeper Stout, Cixty Five Rozes IPA, Cream Ale, B-Rad Hefeweizen, R.A.R. Red Ale [Ranger Alumni Red], I Still Got It Honey-Rye, Drunkin’ Punkin’ [a seasonal brew] and The Sour.

The duo noted that they chose some of the names based off family members such as their daughter, son and nephew. Dennis added, “We also can only sell what we brew.” So you won’t find name brand beer there, but you can find some good micro-brews. 

“We’re really enjoying seeing people visiting and socializing,” Ruth said. “It’s different going from a job where you don’t have that personal contact to doing something like this,” she added about working and owning the brewery. “It’s definitely a change,” Ruth said with a laugh.  

They also added that they are hoping to expand out to the patio area once the weather is nice enough to do so. “That’s why we opened it up back there,” Ruth said.

The brewery will be open at 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday and at 2 p.m. on the weekends. They can’t serve past 8 p.m. and no one can be drinking past 9 p.m.


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