Sasha Hinds in District Court on Monday morning for her initial appearance.

Sasha Hinds entered a plea of not guilty to homicide and assault during her initial appearance in District Court Monday morning.

Hinds is charged with deliberate homicide, a felony, in the death of her infant daughter, Kylie Hinds, on March 16. She has also been charged with assault with a weapon, a felony, in the stabbing of Brendan Sheehan, Sasha Hinds’ half-brother. Hinds’ right eye was swollen shut and her voice was quiet and shaky as she spoke to say “yes” or “no” to the judge’s questions.

In a new filing from prosecutor Janet Christofferson, Sheehan reportedly told officers that he and Hinds had been snorting methamphetamine but that he didn’t like the sensation of it and told her to flush it.

Sheehan told officers that he never heard the toilet flush when Hinds went to get rid of the meth, which lead him to believe that she had eaten the remainder of the drug.

According to the filing, Sheehan told officers that Hinds went to the bathroom and was there for quite some time. He said that he was in his room when Hinds came back and stabbed him.

He said he saw Kylie in the living room, on her back with Hinds using one hand to choke her while shoving her other hand into the infant’s mouth. According to the filing, he said that throughout the incident, Hinds was talking erratically about God and the Bible.

Sheehan said he told Hinds’ 10-year-old daughter to go into another room while he tried to stop Hinds from hurting Kylie. He told officers that after a considerable struggle, he blacked out and later awoke in a nearby apartment, according to the filing.

Judge Katherine Bidegaray read the potential schedule of hearings, with the next one set for May 20. Hinds’ attorney, public defender Cynthia Thornton, requested a medical examination be done on Hinds before proceeding, which Bidegaray approved.

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