Mucho Si 2 restaurant

The local Mexican restaurant in Sidney, Mucho Si 2, has moved to a new location at 202 E Main Street. Mucho Si 2 opened in the new building on Wednesday, Nov. 20.

Mucho Si 2 Restaurant recently moved locations here in Sidney. Originally, the restaurant was located at 102 North Central Avenue but has moved to the new and current location of 202 East Main Street.

For owner Desiree Guillen Molina, moving to the new location just felt meant to be.

“We actually were asked by Harry Metz a few years ago before he passed away, the owner of KFC, to move to this new location,” she said. “Originally, we decided to stay where we were, but after seeing two businesses fail there and making the building vacant again as well as our lease is up on Dec. 31 at the previous location, we just felt it was time. It just kept coming to us.”

Guillen Molina feels this move will be of benefit for all involved, especially the Sidney community.

“This community has beyond backed us,” she said. “The community has our backs; it’s super beneficial for lots of reasons. Never seen a city care where their restaurant is and they do.”

Guillen Molina loves all the food that Mucho Si offers, but admits what they’re known for is the cheese dip.

Once the move was full go, the process went quick.

“We moved on Monday, got licensed Tuesday and opened Wednesday,” Guillen Molina said.

Mucho Si 2 is now open to the public at its new location. They’re open every day except Tuesday beginning at 11 a.m.

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