May 14

Daniel Lee Harris was arrested for DUI, first offense.

Bret Nelson Herron was arrested for habitual offender operating a motor vehicle.

May 16

Terry Alan Desjarlais was arrested for violation of conditions of release.

Angelina Jaramillo was arrested for theft, third or subsequent offense.

Joshua Michael Rank was arrested for failure to have tail lames wired to illuminate with headlamps, unlawful possession of open alcoholic beverage container in motor vehicle on highway and DUI, first offense.

May 17

Cullen Levi Anderson was arrested for partner or family member assault and causing reasonable apprehension of bodily injury in partner or family.

Aletha Ann Hart was arrested for failure to appear.

May 18

Tyler W. Ashcraft was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Jodi Eileen Folder was arrested for failure to dim within 1,000 feet of oncoming traffic, failure to carry proof or exhibit insurance in vehicle, first offense, driving a motor vehicle while suspended or revoked and aggravated DUI, second offense.

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