A ridge of high pressure will build over Montana and continue to strengthen right over the entire region, increasing heat and fire weather risks into next week.

Fire Weather


• Relative humidity (RH) percentages are forecasting to be in the teens.

• Prolonged dry periods will increase fire weather risk.

Confidence is increasing for RH to decrease towards the end of the week and continue to remain dry as temperatures remain hot into next week. Winds are not expected to be unseasonably higher than usual at this time, but any additional factors that affect the potential for fire starts in a prolong dry period will raise concerns for fire weather. RH is expected to be drier towards the west.



• Highs trend warmer this week with low 100s possible Friday through early next week.

• Lows temperatures may make it difficult for heat recovery, particularly to vulnerable populations and animals.

Confidence is increasing for temperatures to trend warmer with highs in the upper 90s Thursday and some locations getting into the low 100s for Friday through the beginning of next week. Although the temperatures will overall increase, there is lower confidence around the low temperatures. Some locations may not cool down enough for effective heat recovery. Low temperatures may only become attained for a short period of time near sunrise.

Information from the National Weather Service out of Glasgow.

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