CodeRED will send SMS and push notifications to those registered in case of an emergency situation in their area.

The county now has another tool in its toolbox to help get the word out to residents about emergency and weather situations. That tool is CodeRED.

In an emergency, CodeRED protects individuals and gives residents confidence. CodeRED can reach millions in minutes, ensuring inclement weather advisories, missing persons alerts, evacuation notices and more are quickly shared.

Weather Warning delivers fully automated, geo-targeted critical weather alerts, saving precious time so residents impacted by the threat of a severe storm can prepare. Integrated with the National Weather Service (NWS), Weather Warning helps to save lives.

Along with SMS notifications, CodeRED also has an app available for both Android and iPhone users. The app allows CodeRED to instantly send push notifications to users who have downloaded the CodeRED Mobile Alert App and are in the projected path of the incoming storm.

According to Emergency Management Director Brandon Roth, the app can help save lives in Richland County. “This system will be used during emergencies to notify residents of the danger/threat that may be faced, and what to do. Utilizing this, we will be able to instantly notify specific areas of emergencies such as HAZMAT, crime, evacuations, shelter-in-place and wildfires affecting populated areas,” said Roth. He also said the system will be used to supplement fire, law, EMS, DES and other agencies to be able to instantaneously alert residents of immediate danger.

The system is now active and Richland County residents can register both online and with the app to receive alerts. Those wishing to receive SMS notifications can register online but those who use the app must register both online and with the app.

“Currently, we can send notifications and residents who have registered with the CodeRED system will receive alerts via mobile SMS, mobile voice message, landline voice message, and/or email,” said Roth.

Residents may register the phones/email they would like and what kind non-life threatening notifications they would receive from DES or county emergency agencies via an online registration. An account may also be made to be able to modify these settings in the future. Direct life-threatening emergency alerts will be received by registered residents no matter what settings they select during registration.

To register, go to and follow the directions.

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