Lund's fifth grade enrichment class

Karen Lund’s fifth grade enrichment class raised $672.88 at their bake sale for the Grand Bahamas Children’s Home after 32 children were displaced due to Hurricane Dorian. The fifth grade enrichment class is, from left, Ethan King, Sophia Karanjai, Ellie Aisenbrey, Maliya Nguewoun, Grayson Morrill, Kaiden Roote, Isabelle Doty, Britt Lassey, Danica Denowh and Jacob Sissel.

Karen Lund’s fifth grade enrichment class at Central School spent the last few months planning, researching and developing a project to help victims of Hurricane Dorian, which devastated the Bahamas in early September 2019. It is the strongest storm on record to hit the islands.

When school started, Dorian was all over the headlines, inspiring Lund to bring the cause to her students. Lund teaches half-day kindergarten at Central and takes a fifth grade enrichment class in the afternoon, which is made up of academically skilled students.

After working on the project, the students decided on a bake sale to benefit the Grand Bahamas Children’s Home. The home has 32 children who lost everything in the hurricane and the children have been displaced since the devastation.

The Sidney students were able to raise $672.88 at the bake sale, all of which will go to the children’s home.

Lund’s students learned a lot from the project and they all had different aspects they found interesting.

“I liked learning about the damage because of the damage,” Elli Aisenbrey said. “There was an oil spill that took place because of Hurricane Dorian.”

Isabell Doty said she found the information about the destruction and people affected to be interesting.

Kaiden Roote said while he learned a lot, it made him sad to hear about what happened.

“It was very enlightening,” Sophia Karanjai said. “I learned even the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference.”

The class agreed what they do matters and liked learning how it easy it is to make a difference.

Students have also been running a letter-writing campaign, collecting handwritten notes from students of all grades, scanning them into the computer and emailing them to the children’s home, as there isn’t a mail service to deliver the letters.

The fifth graders said they plan to continue giving back through community service and enjoyed the project. The students wanted to remind people that even though the hurricane isn’t in the news anymore, people are still rebuilding and need help.

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