Any information appearing in this living document regarding COVID-19 is subject to change. This document is a guidance document composed by Fairview Public School stakeholders. The guidance is dynamic and will change and grow as the impact of COVID-19 changes. This document is not a legal document or an exhaustive list of actions that will need to be fulfilled. This document will be updated as new information is made available from the Governor’s office, the MT Office of Public Instruction, Montana High School Association, and our local health department.

Phasing Model

Due to the fluid nature of COVID-19 we assume that at any given point we will be required to adjust, accommodate, and transition into any of the following phases:

Full School Closure

Fairview Public Schools should/will remain closed for general in-person instruction due to an increase of community spread and identified threat to student and staff public health in conjunction with the local health department. Or if all of the State of Montana is under a complete stay-at-home order. All instruction must continue via distance learning, whether using digital or non-digital platforms.

Phase 1

Students covered under IDEA, who have applicable 504’s, identified Title I, or are students who do not maintain proficiency levels in the distance learning module will receive in person instruction in the school buildings. All other students will remain in the distance learning module.

Phase 2

All student defined in phase 1 will continue with daily in-person instruction. All other students will attend under a schedule that will allow us to meet and maintain the suggested capacity standards.

Phase 3

All students will attend in person instruction. Adjustments will be made to schedules to maximize safety for staff and students. Distance Learning will be provided to those electing to opt out of in-person instruction in accordance with school policy 1908.

Phase 4

Schools will operate at full capacity with applicable health and safety measures described within this document in place.

Grouping and Scheduling

Due to the transmission risks associated with COVID-19 the following actions/practices may be used/taken:


Schedules are designed to limit large gatherings in community areas such as, Library, Gymnasiums, Cafeteria, and Playgrounds. Students will be kept in cohort groups to minimize the exposure to the virus.


Alternative bell schedule releases to reduce the high population of transition. Large group gatherings mitigated with physical distancing, masks, or elimination. Large gatherings in community areas such as the cafeteria will be minimized.

Social or Physical Distancing

Under all phases social distancing will be mandated in the school setting when feasible. The following guidelines will help ensure this:

Physical distancing of all staff and students will occur as deemed necessary for the activity, event, and location when feasible.

Face coverings may be required when social distancing measures cannot be met or maintained. Examples include on buses, hallways, and some classrooms. Some areas will have transparent barriers for the protection of staff and students. Visitation to the school is discouraged. Spectators will be restricted at some events and when allowed must follow the distancing and face mask requirements.

Face Coverings/Masks

On Aug. 12, 2020, Governor Bullock issued a face mask/covering mandate for all schools in counties that currently have for or more active cases. The face coverings are required for all students age 5 and over either indoors or outdoors (over 50 people). Students would not be required to wear face coverings when they are physically active (Physical fitness class), recess, or when they are eating.

Masks will be required for all staff and students in commons areas, lobbies, offices, hallways, bathrooms, music rooms, library, and locker rooms. Masks will be provided to all students/staff if needed. Masks will also be required for grades PreK-12 in classrooms when social distancing requirements cannot be maintained.

A staff member, student, or visitor will need to provide medical documentation to be allowed to not wear a mask in accordance to the governor’s directive.

Fairview Schools will be requiring all spectators to wear face coverings/masks at any indoor events. At outdoor events, it is recommended spectators wear masks but not required when social distancing can be maintained.

Health Screening

In all phases of operation, it is mandated to monitor students, staff, and visitors of the school. The guidelines are as follows:


Fairview School asks that parents please keep their children home if they become symptomatic or have potential exposure to a COVID positive individual. Students that exhibit symptoms at school will be isolated and sent home. Parents are required to pick up their child immediately when contacted.


All Fairview School staff is required to monitor their own health and potential COVID-19 exposure. If staff become symptomatic or have been in close contact with a COVID positive individual they will report this information to the administration. Staff that is able can request to work remotely with administrative approval.

Staff and students that are symptomatic with one or more of the major symptoms of Covid-19 (Loss of taste or smell, new or unexplained cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing) or 2 or more of the minor symptoms (temperature greater than 100.4 F, sore throat, runny nose or congestion, muscle or body aches, headache, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea) will be required to miss the remainder of the school week. They will be allowed to return to school the following Monday if they are symptom free (without the assistance of medication).

Students are encouraged to attend classes live remotely, if possible, during this time and attendance will be recorded.

Staff and students are allowed to return to school sooner if they provide a note from a health care provider.

All circumstances can be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the building principal.


The following guidelines will be used when busing is required:

Parents are encouraged to provide transportation to school whenever feasible to reduce exposure potential. Transportation buses will only operate when deemed feasible by school administration. Riders will be assigned seats and seated with family members when possible. There will be no more than two individuals to a seat. Windows will be opened weather and road conditions permitting for ventilation. Sanitation of seats and handrails will occur between routes whenever possible. Masks will be required on the bus for students and drivers.


The Fairview School has been in contact with local public health officials to establish safety precautions for the cafeteria and providing meals.

General Sanitation/Cleaning Guidelines

General Staff

Face masks/Face shields are recommended. Hand sanitizers stations will be available at each entry/exit of rooms. Contact areas will be wiped down between transition times. Each classroom will be equipped with wipes/disinfectant capability. Signage of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette will be displayed. Staff will open windows for ventilation during the school day whenever possible. Only bottle fillers will be available at drink stations.


Students will be asked help sanitize classrooms using school provided resources when entering the classroom and to practice good hygiene and etiquette practices.


Custodial staff will be performing: increased bathroom sanitation and increased sanitation in high traffic areas. There will be frequent wipe downs of door knobs, handrails, faucets and toilet mechanisms. Staff will disinfect every classroom contact area every evening using sanitizing wipes and fogging devices.

Organized Activities/Extracurricular Events

Fairview Schools will be utilizing guidelines/requirement from MHSA and our local health department to establish rules for players, coaches, and fans.

Educational Delivery

1908 & 1908 (F) Opt Out Policy

Families and students have the opportunity to choose to not participate in any onsite educational program due to safety concerns that they feel are necessary for their families. If this is applicable Policy Form 1908(F) must be completed but Fairview School requires if this opportunity is taken that students will remain in the distance learning setting for the remainder of the semester. Families may choose to participate in this option at any time that they deem necessary, but will have to remain in this mode for the remainder of the semester. The delivery method of this distance instruction will be at the discretion of the school district. All students that choose off-site learning will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.

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