Qualifying members of the Montana National Guard and Montana Air National Guard have been approved to receive a supplemental tuition waiver for schools in the Montana University System starting Fall of 2020.

The Adjutant General of Montana, Maj. Gen. Matthew T. Quinn, announced the passage of the policy Saturday evening in Billings at the annual meeting of the Montana Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion.

“I’m happy to announce that the board of regents approved this policy last week,” said Quinn. “The leadership of the Montana National Guard has been advocating for this benefit for years on behalf of our Soldiers and Airmen.”

The policy for the “Montana National Guard Waiver” was passed unanimously by the Board of Regents last week.

According to the policy, “This new mandatory tuition waiver will augment existing G.I. Bill and Tuition Assistance entitlements for Montana National Guard members, allowing them to receive financial aid packages that cover 100 percent of the cost of tuition in the Montana University System.”

The Board of Regents has also confirmed that under this policy, out of state tuition will also be covered. This supplementary benefit is a tuition specific waiver and does not include fees associated with coursework or programming.

The proposal argued the waiver will help Montana compete with border states like Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah, which already offer waivers to National Guard members.

“Getting a 100 percent tuition waiver will give our recruiters one more incentive to offer to fill our ranks,” said Sgt. Maj. Matthew Pettis, Montana Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Operations NCO. “We have a lot of people in the Guard going to school but opting into the Wyoming or North Dakota National Guard to serve and receive their education. This new benefit will help keep them in our Montana schools and the Montana Guard.”

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