Mya Strait

Mya Strait 

The Sidney Middle School February student of the month for sixth grade, Mya Strait, is described by her teachers as kind, helpful, and an enthusiastic participant in all of her classes. Not only is Mya thoughtful and considerate to others, she really looks out for them. She is supportive in a caring, nurturing way.

Mya makes sure that everyone around her understands what they need to do before she begins her own work. In her free time, she volunteers to assist teachers and the office staff with any task that is needed. She is polite and respectful when speaking with her teachers about concerns or issues that have arisen in class. She truly has many positive leadership qualities.

Outside of school, she loves to ride horseback, swim, and camp. She is involved in dance, Taekwondo, and Girl Scouts.

The sixth-grade staff is pleased to announce that Mya Strait, daughter of MacKenzie and Crystal Strait, is our Student of the Month. Congratulations Mya!

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