Speech, drama and debate

Traveling to Dawson County for Sidney High School Speech, Drama and Debate team are, from left, Isaac Quiroz, Noah Kyhl, Garrett Dodds, Christine Turek, Shea Roberts, Kodi Schulz, Madi Brost, Daniel Schneider, Emma Cundiff and Cloe Go.

Sidney High School Speech, Drama and Debate Team has attended three meets so far this season. The latest meet was held at Dawson County High School. The team competed against 13 schools, six of which were Class A.

Drama team has placed first at every meet. Noah Kyhl and Isaac Quiroz have placed first at all three meets competing in Classical Theatre.

Speech and debate compete as one team and Sidney’s debate team is making strides to be the best arguers, the Public Form Team of Sam Stephenson and Brandon Smith placed first, Madison and Krystan Jason placed fifth with Jade Emily and Sean Earle placing sixth. Lincoln Douglas Debater Lorraine Coronato placed second. Memorized Public Address competitor Christine Turek placed first, Informative Speaker Cloe Go placed third, Impromptu Speaker Garrett Dodds competed, Extemporaneous speaker Colten Dahl placed third. The team placed second overall.

Drama team had some amazing rounds this past weekend. Only five drama competitors travelled to Glendive, hoping to do well overall but not expecting to win it all. Dramatic Soloist Senior Madi Brost placed second, Daniel Schneider placed fifth, Humorous Soloist Kodi Schulz placed second, and the Classic Classical Theatre Team of Noah Kyhl and Isaac Quiroz placed first.

The team travels to Circle next Saturday.

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