1. Central school librarian Tammy Linder explained that they kickstarted “I Love to Read” by reading “Knots On a Counting Rope,” by Bill Martin Jr. “We wanted them to learn that reading is a way to pass on history,” Linder said.

2. The school hosted a camp-out in the gym where kids were able to bring blankets, pillows and snacks and spend the afternoon reading. The Pretty Iron Feather dancers from Wolf Point performed at the camp-out. Teaching the students the history and symbolism behind each dance.

3. Principal Sara Romo and Linder wanted this to be fun for the kids and wanted them to learn to read for fun, not because it’s required. “A lot of kids read to test. We want them to find enjoyment in reading,” Linder said.

4. The goal was for the kids to reach 1,500 points. The points came from tests, parental reading and Catch Them Reading Slips. The slips are given to students when the teacher sees them reading without having been told to do so.

5. Since the students reached their goal, Romo agreed to let them duct tape her to the wall of the gym!

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