Sidney's speech, drama and debate team

Sidney High School Speech, Drama and Debate team, front from left, Christine Turek, Madi Brost, Autumn Davidson, Abby Kyhl, Isaac Quiroz and Alexa Iverson. Second row: Garrett Dodds, Chloe Go, Josie Yockim, Madison Jasin, Emma Cundiff, Krystan Jasin, Noah Kyhl, Jade meily and Lorraine Coronato. Third row: Colten Dahl, Kaileigh LaRoche, Daniel Schneider, Shea Roberts, Sean Earle, Kodi Schulz, Wyatt Reid, Sam Stephenson and Brandon Smith.

Sidney High School’s Speech, Drama and Debate team is off to a great start according to coach Christy Pierce, who’s now in her ninth year at the helm.

“We’re doing very well this season,” Pierce said. “Our kids are working really hard and I’m really proud of them. They’re just kicking butt.”

The team has three aspects that it consists of: speech, drama and debate. Pierce, however, comes from a background in drama and that’s her specialty.

“I have a degree in dramatic theater that focuses on stage management from Michigan State University,” she said. “I worked as a stage manager for years and taught acting to kids. When I moved back here, I got the job as the assistant to Gail Staffanson who is our head coach.”

Before coming here, Pierce worked as a stage director in Lansing, Michigan. But it’s safe to say she feels right at home here in Sidney seeing kids gain confidence and that’s more important than winning.

“It’s a total confidence booster; it’s so much fun to watch them especially when I have freshmen watch them turn into seniors and see how much they’ve grown, matured and have this confidence about them.”

Sidney senior, Autumn Davidson, who is in the drama side of things, has been a part of the team for three years and it has a been a great experience for her.

“It was very hard for me to talk to people when I was younger, but after I joined, it helped me learn a lot and gain confidence. I made so many more friends here than I ever would have,” she said.

Hunter Gordon, the debate coach, especially now, feels the topics they do debate gives the students a leg up in knowledge on what’s going in the country and around the world.

“Right now, there’s a topic on disarming nuclear arsenals, we have done topics on standardized testing for college, so they’re generally modern political issues that have been in the news recently and we try to incorporate those. There’s a lot,” he said. “The topics for debate change every couple of months and throughout the year, the kids will do three different topics.”

For Pierce, there’s been a lot of moments in nine years that she has been proud of, so she can’t say what her proudest moment is, but according to her, you’ll know when she’s at that proud moment.

“When they do good, it makes me cry because I’m so proud of them,” she said. “They always know they’ve done well when they see me crying. I’m just an emotional sap because it’s so much fun watching them be awesome.”

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