Nicole Lucina | Sidney Herald Amanda Seigfreid’s community involvement includes the Sidney Chamber’s leadership program, Sidney Lions Club and Richland Opportunities.

Sidney resident Amanda Seigfreid has been involved in the community for a long time. From the Lions Club, to ROI, the Leadership Task Force through the Chamber of Commerce, and many other committees and boards, Seigfreid wears many different hats.

In 1964, Seigfreid’s grandparents Walter and Mary Jensen started their own insurance and real estate company. When they were getting close to retirement, they brought in Seigfreid’s dad, Alan, to take over in 1978 before retiring in 1982.

After graduating from Sidney High School in 1996, Amanda studied floral design at Black Hill State University in South Dakota. 

“I was a florist for about eight years,” Seigfreid said. 

While she started out working at Albertson’s in Billings, she moved between a few stores before ending up a Gainan’s Floral in Billings.

She went on to explain that holidays were quite the busy time. “I’d do hundreds of bouquets a day. Sometimes I’d work 18-20 hours a day; you just wind up being punch drunk by the time it’s over,” Seigfreid said with a smile.

It was in 2006 that her dad approached her about coming back to Sidney to work in the insurance and real estate business with him at the family owned Missouri River Realty and Seigfreid Insurance. 

She took the summer to become a licensed real estate and insurance agent, then moved back to Sidney.

“Growing up here was awesome. I was in Girl Scouts, school sports and 4-H. I loved growing up here,” Seigfreid said with a smile. 

After coming back to Sidney, she became involved in the Leadership Task Force.

 “I wanted to learn more about Sidney,” she said explaining that she had a different perspective of the town as an adult verses while she was here as a youth.

The same year she joined the Lions Club as well. “I found these to be invaluable,” Seigfreid said of the groups she joined. 

Richland County Commissioner Loren Young also appointed Seigfreid to the MonDak Heritage Center board.

“I’m also on the board of directors at the credit union. She noted that as a Lion, they focus on eye sight and hearing. In her time back in Sidney, she’s also joined the Moose, is an active member of the Elk’s Lodge and most recently has been appointed to the board of Richland Opportunities.

Seigfreid was a coach for the Special Olympics from 2008-2012 and is also volunteers with Meals On Wheels. 

“Being active in the community is just very fulfilling to me,” she added with a smile. 

After her brother, Erik, moved back to Sidney, she took it upon herself to get him involved in the community as well.

“We have a great community. It takes a lot of hands to make it so great. So I like to jump in and help when I can,” Seigfreid said happily. 

She added, “It doesn’t have to be anything big and flashy, there’s a lot of little things.”

Being in the real estate game, Seigfreid finds herself working a lot of evenings and weekends. 

“That’s a part of it. Sometimes you can’t show someone a property until night because they’ve got to work all day,” she added.

Seigfreid went on to tell the story of running her first business; an ice cream truck that her parents bought when she was 16. “I kept the check book, bough supplies, did inventory and all the ordering,” she explained. 

The ice cream truck helped her pay fir the first two years of her college. “Working for yourself gives you a lot of freedom,” she added.

In 2013, Seigfreid was awarded the Sunrise Spirit Award for her involvement in the community. 

“I was just always trying to make things happen in our community,” she said proudly.

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