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Sidney city officials are taking action against public nuisance properties such as this one located at 321 4th St. NE.

It might not happen overnight but Sidney city officials are taking steps to eliminate some of eyesores in town. The Nuisance Committee met at 5:45 p.m. on Aug. 30 concerning three properties.

Public Works Director Jeff Hintz said the city has been working to resolve some of the nuisance issues in town. “One of the problems has been that no one wanted to make a formal complaint. We got a few calls but no one would come down and file the complaint. They call and make a complaint but they won’t tell me what their name is. I tell them you have to come down and make your complaint public but they don’t want to do that,” said Hintz.

Mayor Rick Norby also said the city has been aware of some issues within the city limits. “I don’t want to use COVID as an excuse but it did slow us down. These properties have been on our radar for a little while now.”

The Sidney Herald contacted Mayor Norby on Aug. 26 after receiving an email from a resident about an issue at 3214 4th Ave. NE. The property is owned by Thomas and Aryls Daleske.

The email from Cody Schroeder stated, “For the past four years members of the community have expressed their concerns about this residents and the occupants to fall on deaf ears from both the city and local law enforcement.”

The email then addressed the severity of the issue. “The trash flowing to the street from this residential home is absolutely unacceptable. We watch daily as mothers try to enjoy walks with their children or others with their pets but are unable to access the public sidewalk because of trash or vehicles parked in the front yard. At one time 13 vehicles were parked on the street edge taking up a good half of the block on both sides that other residents rely on to park their vehicles. This residence poses a public nuance to the entire neighborhood as well as passersby.”

The email included photos which show broken down vehicles and debris scattered across the property and onto the sidewalk.

Schroeder said residents had also made several noise complaints as well.

A meeting with the Nuisance Committee was then scheduled for Aug. 30 concerning the property as well as two others. Those properties include 35093 CR 123T owned by RC Hord and 200 52nd St W owned by Kayla Berube.

The city has sent letters to the three property owners giving them 10 days to comply. After that the city must go through the court system, which is lengthy.

“We send them a letter and they have 10 days, then 600 days in the courts. That’s where we lose them. The court system takes forever,” said Norby. “There’s nothing else we can do because we have to do it legally.”

Concerning the complaint, Norby said the complaint was legitimate. “He’s 100% right and we’re as sick and tired of it as he is.”

So, the waiting game begins. It’s possible the residents will comply with the letters but Hintz said the city has not had success with letters in the past. “We haven’t been lucky enough to get residents to comply with the letters,” said Hintz. He then reiterated what the mayor had said about a lengthy court process.

The Sidney Herald will continue to follow this issue and bring updates as they are made available.

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