Pet owners are being cautioned to be sure and secure their dog's outdoor space as reports of someone letting dogs loose have increased lately.

A lot of people in Sidney are asking “Who let the dogs out?” and are not happy or “woof, woofing” about it.

A Facebook post dated May 25 and shared with this newspaper prompted the staff to contact the Sidney Police Department and ask if there had been reports of someone letting dogs out of fences or taking dogs in Sidney.HEALTH

According to Sidney Police Chief Mark Kraft, the department has received calls concerning this.

“Yesterday, the Sidney Police Department received a report from a citizen who stated that on 6/4/2021 they confronted a male subject in or around their backyard who was found speaking to the complainant’s dog. The male subject was holding large Milk Bone and claimed that the dog belonged to him. The complainant told the male to leave the property, which he did. The male was described as driving a red Ford pickup (80’s-90’s) that had a scratched and rusty bed and no license plate. The male was described as a white male, no facial hair, 5-10 to 6-00, 170-175 pounds, no scars, marks, or tattoos,” said the report.

On 5/26/21, the Sidney Police Department received a report from a citizen who believed that their dog had been purposefully let off its chain, as they noticed a type of dog treat near the gate to their yard that was not there before and was of a type that they did not feed to their dog. The citizen reported that their dog was now home and just wanted the incident documented.”

According to comments on the original Facebook page, a number of people have had similar experiences, although some of them did not report the incident to authorities.

Chief Kraft cautioned pet owners to make sure their fences and back yards are secure. “The Sidney Police Department recommends that pet owners ensure that their backyards are secure, that their dogs are licensed or microchipped and to report any suspicious activity to the police immediately. Unfortunately, pet theft is a thing and they often target purebred animals, so it’s incumbent on pet owners to take reasonable precautions to protect their furry family members.”

Anyone who has had a similar experience should contact the Sidney Police Department. Those who have experienced similar incidents can also send information to the Sidney Herald as well by emailing a name, contact information (email address or phone number) and a description of the incident including date and time to editor@sidneyherald.com

The Sidney Herald will update this story as details are released.

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