Shane Morigeau

What is your name and office you are running for?

My name is Shane Morigeau. I am running for the office of Montana State Auditor, Securities and Insurance Commissioner.

What is your background?

I was born and raised in Ronan, Montana. I obtained both my bachelor’s degree and a law degree at the University of Montana. I am a hunter and angler, a proud Salish and Kootenai member, and I have built a career using my law degree and advocacy background to build relationships and sift out partisanship to create policy that benefits all Montanans.

Before earning my law degree at the University of Montana and a master of laws at the University of Arizona Law School, I spent my summers fighting fire, obtaining my pilot’s license, and earning my bachelor of science in resource conservation. I have been practicing law since 2011, and I was elected to serve as a Montana legislator in 2016. As a legislator, I spearheaded legislation to make healthcare more affordable, protect public lands, and invest in educational opportunities. I wrote and passed the Montana Promise Act, a bill that will provide grant funds to students so they can attend 2-year colleges and help fill Montana’s health care, tech, and trade jobs.

As a House Minority Whip, I worked across the aisle to pass some of Montana’s strongest protections for child sex abuse victims and for students abused in our schools. I also partnered with Republican colleagues to pass Montana’s first blockchain legislation, providing regulatory certainty for tech companies looking to start businesses in the state, while protecting consumers from fraudulent investment opportunities.

What makes you qualified for this position?

Growing up in Ronan and now living in Missoula, I understand the needs of Montanans in both rural and urban areas. My experience as an attorney has provided me with the tools necessary to protect Montanans and pursue bad actors in the insurance and securities industries. As a legislator, I gained valuable experience in developing laws and policies and fostered positive relationships with both Republicans and Democrats. As an advocate and legislator, I spearheaded legislative efforts to make healthcare more affordable for Montanans and gained a vast wealth of knowledge on the Health and Human Services Committee in the Montana House of Representatives.

My upbringing, legal skills, and work with healthcare and other legislative policies has provided me with the expertise necessary to be an effective advocate for all Montanans.

What is your campaign platform?

As state auditor, I will build on my record of giving everyday Montanans a voice. I will work hard to promote business growth and protect everyday Montanas from investment fraud, especially our seniors. I will hold insurance companies accountable and foster positive relationships with stakeholders to ensure Montanans have fair, affordable, and quality insurance. As a member of the State Land Board, I will always advocate for the protection of our public lands in Montana, and I will work with the legislature and landowners to expand access. Lastly, I am committed to keeping partisan games and negativity out the State Auditor’s office.

What are three key points that set you apart from your opponent? What is your top priority if elected?

1. I’m the only candidate with both legal and legislative experience.

2. If elected, I am the only candidate that is committed to actively touring Montana to provide Montanans with financial trainings and educational forums on current scams and bad actors.

3. I am committed to being proactive and using every tool at my disposal, including legal remedies, to go after bad faith actors in both the insurance and securities industries.

Top Priority:

Protecting Montanans from bad actors and ensuring Montanans have access to affordable and quality insurance.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Growing up in a low-income family with inadequate insurance is one of the reasons I decided to run, but what ultimately prompted me to run for state auditor was a letter signed by over 1,300 insurance companies opposing my legislation to better protect child sex abuse victims. Their reason for opposing my bill was a fear that those protections would cost them too much money. I will not let companies prioritize their pocketbooks over justice and the lives of Montanans.

I am in this to represent all Montanans, so please, reach out to me and share your story at

Why is it important for people to vote?

The job of elected officials is to represent the will of all the people who elect them. It’s my duty to prevent bad actors from exploiting working-class people while simultaneously enhancing the quality of life for all Montanans. People vote to protect their quality of life and that of their families. If you don’t vote, powerful and self-interested actors will continue to make decisions at the expense of others.

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