Sidney's Sandy Petersen shows some heel files she has available. She will be a vendor at the Sunrise Festival of the Arts in Sidney on Saturday, July 13.

Sunrise Festival of the Arts in Sidney is celebrating its 29th anniversary and Sidney resident Sandy Petersen has been one of the most consistent vendors during the event's history.

Petersen explains she has been a vendor since 1995 and she has made a point to try to attend the Sunrise Festival of the Arts each year. Her website is

"It's fun, entertaining, a nice place to shop and there's a lot of homemade gifts," Petersen said of the festival. "There's rare gifts, specialty gifts that you don't find in stores."

Items Petersen offers include smart wallets, decorated nail-file covers, neck wraps and headache masks.

Petersen said her primary items when she started as a vendor were cups that changed pictures and sheep-skinned mittens. "Because we're in the sheep industry," she explained.

Since that time, she has sold "smart wallets" for years and she continues offering that product.

"It's easy to carry your money. They can put in their credit cards, receipts and coupons," Petersen said.

She noted that currently her best seller are the crystal nail files.

"The crystal nail files never wear out or leave a ragged edge, plus it's washable," Petersen said. "Emery boards and metal files are just like gravel roads - rough."

The crystal nail files making taking care of nails low maintenance. "The nails grow out nicer, longer and smoother," she said.

Neck wraps and headache marks are filled with clean Montana wheat. She said they can be micro-waved or freeze to provide relief.

Petersen explained she sells at events in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Minnesota. Her favorite show is the one at the Richland County Fair because of being able to see so many friends and neighbors.

She enjoys when her young grandchildren can assist her at the shows. "They are coming to Arts in the Park too," Peterson smiled. "I'm teaching my grandkids to be polite to customers, to help customers, count money and say thank you."

Petersen plans to be a vendor for "as long as I can."

Although she is reducing her schedule a little bit, she plans to continue coming to the Sunrise Festival of the Arts for years to come.

"It's good, fun and clean. People should take their families out and enjoy the day," Petersen said. "I like going to the show because its right downtown. There's good people to work with."

Photo by Bill Vander Weele


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