The town of Fairview will be holding an election for five offices this November and qualifying is currently underway for those positions.

Voters going to the polls will be choosing who fills three council seats as well as electing a mayor and the town judge.

The seats held by Michael Bannon, Kevin Dahl and Keith Bieber are also on the ballot as their four-year terms have expired.

The Town of Fairview’s election for council members is “at large,” which means the town does not have districts or wards for council seats. Voters will choose up to three candidates from the list of those who choose to run and the three with the largest number of votes will be declared the winners.

Mayor Brian Bieber’s four-year term is also expiring along with the current town judge, Ray Trumpower. Qualifying is also underway for those positions as well.

To qualify, a person must be a citizen of the U.S., must live within the city limits (within Montana) and must be a resident for at least 60 days.

Qualifying began April 22 and will run for the next several weeks, so those interested in running for one of the open positions will have to make that decision in the near future.

For more information, interested candidates can contact Fairview City Hall at 406-742-5616, or write a letter of interest directed to the Fairview Town Council that can be mailed to the Town of Fairview’s P.O. Box at 426 Fairview, Montana, 59221. They can also send an email to townoffairview@midrivers.com or hand-deliver the letter to city hall, located at 318 S. Central Ave. in Fairview.

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