During the school board meeting, Monday, June 3, recommendations for hiring were approved. Tia Lewis was offered the third grade teaching job at West Side School and accepted it last week. Lewis is originally from Sidney and has been teaching in Watford City.

“She wants to get away from what she is saying is a very disorganized environment,” said school superintendent Monte Silk.

After being at a school where Lewis said the principal doesn’t even know teachers names, she was concerned what the principal would be like in Sidney. Silk assured her things were done differently at home.

Brady Johnson was hired as the summer grounds keeper. Jerome Hoffman was hired as the high school assistant coach. Silk said Johnson had been a track teacher in Dickinson prior to coming to Sidney.

Jammie Uran was hired as Central School’s special education aide. There are still two other openings.

“It takes a little time to follow up with references and all that,” Silk said.

Cathy Wieferich has requested a leave of absence for the year, with the intention of returning in a similar capacity. Board members agreed she could return after her leave of absence.

With a vacancy on Rau's school board for District 1, Nikki Buyer recommended Lisa Gorder. She will work for a one year term and then will have to run in the election for another one year term.

“Is there an option for these guys to interview her?” Silk asked. With most of the people on the board already knowing Gorder, they didn’t feel an interview was necessary.

“No one else is interested and she is actively involved,” Silk said.

A motion carried to approve Gorder for the spot in District one Rau school area.

Track discussion

The school board discussed installation of the pole vault on the east end versus the west end as originally planned.

“They want to have it at the east end instead of the west end because it will give them more room,” Silk said.

Board member Randy Iverson suggested the track be locked up when they aren’t working on it.

“It was unlocked all weekend. I know because I went in there to see how things were going. We have so many holes in there for drainage and if someone falls in one, we’ll be held liable,” Iverson said.

The board agreed it will be locked during times work isn’t being done.

Silk said the concession stand has been poured and when it’s finished they’ll be headed to Central School to work on the gym that’s already in process. Where the elementary bathrooms would potentially be seem to pose a problem as students would have to go through the new gym to get to the bathrooms.

“We aren’t going to build a new gym just to take room away from the gym,” Silk said. Plans for Central School’s renovations are pending.


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