Sidney Public Schools is an anti-bullying institution. It is the district’s goal to help fight and prevent bullying while raising awareness of its seemingly increasing pervasiveness by communicating more effectively with students and parents. 

Whether the bullying behavior is physical, verbal, or social, it is wrong. In the Sidney Public Schools, bullying is not “just a part of growing up”, and students are prohibited from bullying others.

Sidney school board policy 3226 says bullying and any form of harassment is in direct violation of Montana law and board policy. District policy defines bullying as any harassment, intimidation, hazing, or threatening, insulting, or demeaning gesture or physical contact, including any intentional written, verbal, or electronic communication (“cyberbullying”), or threat directed against a student that is persistent, severe, or repeated.

How do I know if my child is being bullied? If your child tells you about a situation and you are not sure if it is bullying, use this checklist from the Montana Office of Public Instruction:

  Does your child feel hurt, either emotionally or physically, by the other child’s behavior?

  Has the child been the target of the negative behavior more than once?

• Does your child want the behavior to stop?

• Is your child unable to make the behavior stop on their own?

If the response to one or more of these questions is “yes”, the more likely it is that the behavior would be considered bullying. If parents think their son or daughter has been bullied, see a teacher or principal. Sidney Public Schools has a “Bullying Incident Reporting Form” posted on the district website under the public/forms/miscellaneous forms.

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