This weekend I did something you can do in America but very few other places in the world, I visited a museum.

Beginning in Montana later this month, our great country will engage in one of the most significant national activities created by our Founding Fathers: the United States census. While the census is important in allocating federal funds to our state and communities, its true significance lie…

As we all know, the coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire around the world and the country. I’m not going to write a long story on this because stories about it are all over all types of media.

If you’re a worrier, you’ve been busy in recent days. If Coronavirus fears didn’t get you down, the state of your 401k did. Relax. To take your mind off things, I’ve put together this emergency pop quiz.

This July I may do something I haven’t done in a very long time. I may actually watch the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.

Several weeks ago, I chronicled a herculean effort to smuggle dry curd cottage cheese from Ashley Super Valu to my mother in Frederick, S.D., with the help of a hearse that happened to be going that direction. The mission was a success, so we were able to have cheese buttons for Christmas di…

I had an exchange with a friend over Edward Snowden that surprised and startled me and made me think of a monument to Benedict Arnold’s leg in Saratoga National Historical Park in New York.

Technically, I’ve never spring-cleaned in my life. But if you want the motivation to do so, I have a sure-fire method. Have someone paint your walls and ceilings. This will require taking everything off the walls and moving every bit of furniture you have several times.

Winter in Montana can be long and cold. It provides a person a lot of time to think. I was taking this winter particularly hard when a bit of a miracle happened.

Bill DesCamps could have crushed me. Freshmen football players were cannon fodder, and the Frederick Vikings had some monsters on the field in those years. Ivan Schlenker looked like a pro wrestler. His brother Jay was a smaller version of Ivan, which is to say huge. I remain convinced he wa…

When sending your child to college you have two things to worry about. One is that they will say the wrong thing and fall prey to the new Red Guards. Another is that they will join the new Red Guards.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a very general column on some programs that are coming up in February and March. A couple of weeks before that I wrote about the current Farm Bill and some misconceptions and misunderstandings associated with it.

The World Health Organization has officially declared the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern.” Already, over 560 people have died. Tens of thousands of cases have been reported in two dozen countries across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North Americ…

I have this memory of Dale Doty, Frederick, South Dakota’s garbage man, old, tall, tough and grizzled, taking a noon break at the Ponderosa Bar shaking salt into a draft Hamm’s, his thick jet-black, four-legged mongrel sidekick, Skippy, beside him.

Economists at the American Farm Bureau estimated that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would have provided American producers over $4 billion annually in increased sales, but Trump withdrew the U.S. from the agreement.