Graybill defends state constitution

We, the undersigned, were delegates to the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention. We sign this letter as individual Montana citizens who also happen to have been delegates who helped craft Montana’s highly-respected state constitution that the Attorney General of Montana is sworn to uphold.

We are voting for Raph Graybill in the Democratic Primary for Attorney General. There is no stronger candidate to defend and uphold the values of the constitution we worked so hard to craft with our fellow citizens/delegates — 100 in all. Since its ratification, our constitution has made Montana citizenship special and unique.

During the 1972 convention, each of us got to know Raph Graybill’s grandfather, Leo Graybill, Jr., who was president of the Montana Constitutional Convention. His steady hand of leadership guided all delegates in a search for what was right. The debates and discussions we had yielded a forward-looking constitution “for this and future generations” — one we can still turn to with pride. It protects the individual right of privacy, secures the right to a clean and healthful environment, and guarantees the public’s right-to-know and to participate in governmental decision-making. And it guarantees the right to quality public education for all.

As Governor Bullock’s Chief Legal Counsel, Raph Graybill has successfully fought to defend our constitution before courts at all levels including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Raph Graybill has a proven record of defending our unique Montana rights. As Attorney General he will apply his immense skills, heart, and commitment to preserve and protect our constitution and your rights that are in it.

Those rights are often under attack these days. With so much at stake, we urge you to vote Raph Graybill for Attorney General. With Raph, we know our constitution will be in good hands.

Montana Constitutional Convention: Mae Nan Ellingson, Wade Dahood, Bob Campbell and Arlyne Reichert

Supports Rosendale’s

pro-jobs agenda

In the wake of COVID-19, Montana is experiencing unemployment at levels which haven’t been seen in my lifetime. Now more than ever, we need a Congressman with a pro-jobs agenda who will fight to get government out of the way and get Montanans back to work.

Matt Rosendale understands that Montana businesses create jobs—not government. He has spent his career fighting to loosen the government stranglehold on our job creators and has won some important battles.

In the State Legislature and in the Auditors Office, Matt has fought to cut taxes on our job creators, eliminate burdensome regulations, and rein in out-of-control government spending.

The same cannot be said for Kathleen Williams, who has a long history of supporting tax increases, wasteful spending, environmental extremism, and oppressive regulatory overreach. Her radical liberal policies are a recipe for further job loss and stagnation, not economic recovery.

In short, we need Matt Rosendale in Congress to reignite our economy and get our state back on track. I trust Matt to right the ship and help foster job growth in Montana. I am proud to support Matt for U.S. Congress, and I urge all Montanans return their ballot for Matt Rosendale.

Sen. Jason Ellsworth, Hamilton, Mont.

Joel is no domino

I support Joel Krautter for House District 35 Representative. Joel’s experience in the Legislature and involvement in the community makes him uniquely qualified to be our representative.

Joel has and will make thoughtful decisions based on a review of the facts and for the best interest of his constituents.

He will not fall in lock step with the far right wing republicans. He is still a conservative, and I am too. But that doesn’t mean he is not supposed to think, and only vote the party line.

One thing I know about Joel; he is not a domino.

Joel’s opponent Brandon Ler, has fallen prey to Conservatives United for Richland County and Legistats and their far right wing extremist views. Legistats is simply a non-thinking computer program which only rates Republican legislators.

Conservatives United, ran by Jordan Hall (see Jim Steinbeisser letter to editor), recently sent out a campaign brochure. In it, Jordan states that Legistats gives Joel and Walter McNutt F-Ratings. Joel certainly has some pretty good company. Upon a vote of our electorate, Walter McNutt served us for 16 years. We would be in a much worse place without McNutt’s leadership.

An F-rating with Legistats is really a badge of honor. An A-Rating requires no thinking, just vote what the computer program says. If we elect Brandon, all he will need to do is consult with Legistats on any piece of legislation. Legistats will tell him the vote he must cast to get an A-Rating. All he needs to do is flop, just like a domino.

We all want leaders and representatives who have convictions, generally similar to our own convictions. We don’t want our representative to be so entrapped to those they are beholden to that they cannot think and simply flop like a domino.

It is difficult to be a representative in this day in age, the wind is blowing both ways at the same time. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t on many issues.

Whether Republican or Democrat it is important for our representative to be able to assess the issues, think the facts thoroughly through, and vote the issues in the best way their conscience leads them, regardless of liberal/conservative, republican/democratic bend; and vote in a manner best in line with the best interests of the whole of the community they represent.

Please join me in voting for Joel and return your ballot by June 2, 2020.

Donald L. Netzer

Against toxic waste, for Sen. Hinebauch

I’m writing this letter to publicly thank my Republican State Senator Steve Hinebauch. It’s taken the better part of a decade to reach a unique agreement for radioactive waste disposal in Montana, but the Department of Environmental Quality has finally drafted those rules.

These rules represent years of research and public input. The balance stuck is extraordinary as these protections allow landfills to continue to operate and accept the waste without losing a single job nor will the landfills lose a dime in revenue — AND the rules allow landowners the peace of mind that the water we rely on will be protected.

These protections balance Montana’s resource development with our right to preserve and pass on our properties and our way of life to the generations that follow us.

The rules set the level of radioactivity allowed in Montana to 50 picocuries per gram — which matches North Dakota. North Dakota set their radioactivity limit at 50 based on a commissioned study that found 50 picocuries to be the safe level for workers and the public. Heavy oil production states such as Colorado, Louisiana and Texas also limit the waste they allow to be dumped in their states between 30 and 50 picocuries.

There’s only one hiccup — at the very last minute a lobbyist was able to sway a majority of Montana’s Environmental Quality Council with a proposal to drastically increase Montana’s radioactivity limits. If the committee raises the limits like the lobbyists want, Montana will turn into a radioactive waste dumping ground for loads too hot and toxic to dump anywhere else.

So please join me in thanking Senator Hinebauch along with Senators Flowers and Pomnichowski, Representatives Curdy, Hamlett and Public member Mr. Rogers who voted to support the rules as drafted — to honor the work that had already been done.

Maggie Copeland, Dawson County

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