I am not, by nature, a letter writer but I feel that the outlandish claims and outright lies being levelled at Representative Joel Krautter must be answered. The juvenile antics perpetrated by the cabal of individuals who have joined forces to oppose Joel have slipped the bonds of reasonable election banter and, instead, they have returned us to the hallways of middle school.

Joel’s local opponents have been fed a steady diet of senseless drivel by two Western Montana legislators. One of these legislators, Matt Regier, has spent this election cycle masquerading as a doctor. While the other, Brad Tschida, has spent his time masquerading as a leader. These are the same legislators who happily spent Eastern Montana’s oil revenues and then promptly voted against our repeated pleas for assistance with our infrastructure liabilities. 

Locally, Tanya Rost and Pastor Jordan Hall have fronted the salacious attacks on Joel’s character and voting record. Tanya, who failed in her bid to defeat Joel in 2017, now serves as the head of the Richland County Republican Central Committee. Montana’s central committees are expected to remain neutral during the primary election and, as the Chair, Tanya has failed any semblance of neutrality.

Meanwhile, Pastor Hall has a past littered with sharp, public rebukes from other ministers who think he should spend more time with his flock and less time on his own aggrandizement.

But enough about Joel’s opponents. Instead, let me tell you why I am voting for Joel Krautter.

Joel’s pro-business, pro-agriculture, and pro-healthcare votes are aligned with the needs of his constituents and with the requirements of eastern Montana’s economy. Joel voted to support rural healthcare in an effort to keep our local hospitals solvent and capable of delivering the level of medical service we have all come to expect.

Further, Joel is strongly pro-life, as measured by the very conservative Montana Family Foundation. He is also a strong second amendment supporter, as measured by his voting record on gun issues.

I find Joel’s strong stance on social issues and the second amendment laudable. Because Joel has voted to support our interests, he has made western Montana angry. It is time for us to ignore these western voices, and their local pawns, and show Joel the same support he has provided us.

Walter L McNutt

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