Two years ago we supported Joel Krautter’s campaign to be our area’s representative in Helena. The reasons we did so then were that we believed Joel would go to Helena to find solutions and would keep the needs of our area first, ahead of politics. We also believed Joel would stay informed about the challenges to our area and be a thoughtful, dedicated problem-solver in Helena.

Having spent a legislative session working with Rep. Krautter on various legislation and following his votes, we can say that Joel Krautter delivered on all of those things and then some.

Rep. Krautter successfully restored a funding stream of oil and gas tax revenue for local cities and towns that had been diverted after the 2017 legislative session. This legislation was a priority for Sidney, Fairview and other eastern Montana communities, as well as counties, whose officials traveled to Helena to support the legislation.

Joel was also well aware of attempts by other legislators to steal money away from local governments to pay into the state’s public defender system. Had this passed it could have resulted in local tax increases to make up for the loss of this revenue to the state. Joel also supported historic investments in infrastructure.

Joel maintained an open line of communication on a daily and weekly basis with local government officials and community leaders on happenings from the Capitol, which we appreciated. Additionally, Joel didn’t just show up at the Capitol to vote and go home; he went above-and-beyond to support our agriculture and business communities, receiving recognition by both the Montana Farm Bureau and Montana Chamber of Commerce for his work.

Joel Krautter delivered results for the people of Richland County in Helena in his first term and he has earned our personal support for re-election to House District 35. We know his work at the legislature will continue to benefit all of the residents of Richland County.


Rick Norby, Brian Bieber, Tami Christensen, Janet Sergent and Kali Godfrey

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